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Coming Soon – World’s first Cricket P2E Gaming NFT Drop

Do we actually have good knowledge about global happenings? At least on those that we get along and come across at some point of time in our everyday basis. From food to demand, entertainment to drops, or sports to Fandom, and at least technology to the economy? As the market is looking for instant, on-time information, not everyone gives equal attention to every aspect. With preferences, the interest varies. For a few of you who came to this blog regarding the big news, I guess “Blockchain, drops. Sports” could have been something that caught up your attention. If that is so, your kind of update is here. Calling in words, the exact context that we want to tell you is, “the World’s first-ever cricket gaming NFTs are dropping in the market!”


So what is in your mind! – When, Where, and how?


To grab all that you need to know about the cricket NFT Drop, It is here – insights on the Drop. A little scroll down, slow, slow, a little up, and perfect! There you go!

NFT Gaming is Surging in the meta market!


Do you doubt it? No right! Despite crypto and NFT having their business smoothly running in the market, they literally took a decade, nothing less or soon! 10years almost to gather and grab the audience’s interest with adequate knowledge and idea about the market. The expansion from art to the real world. A tremendous growth. Invasion of Crypto and Bitcoins, in particular, was not so encouraging. But its steadiness took its leap to evolve in the level of economic implementations. The shift into the market with digital assets and collectibles was again a rollercoaster. Yet the towering achievements in the early stages took a massive growth in the market. And 2021 was counted to be the year of NFT. It gamed a next-level approach to their business from varying sectors, including brands, fashion hubs, technological industry, and artists. It gamed a next-level approach to their business and was also good for all the avenues.


And can the tech world stop with it? When given space, you obviously tend to cherish it until overwhelming. Likewise, the market was a close call and gave room for reel-real expansion with cryptography. Improvements in Augmented reality and virtual reality were tested to bring close the reel world to real encounters and make revenues, which was the ultimate goal. There came the concept of metaverse – a digital world with real-time experiences.


Starting with movement NFTs, it followed gaming platforms. With no limitation in concepts, the contents overflowed overwhelmingly for creators and gaming enthusiasts to bring out more abilities. That came to the boom in various aspects, from battling games, cards, fantasy sports, racing, and a few vests on real-life activities. In the evolution, there was a success with a billion users hitting in the primary time itself. And the growth eventually took the market value for the users and players to soaring heights with demand and requirements.

Cricket gaming in the metaverse


Considering these shifts in the market, there are many virtual destinations arriving for players to explore the virtual arena of gaming. This also simultaneously pulled in the growth and popularity of Digital Real estate. Following this, the meta market now sees an establishing pace in sports. Unlike fantasy sports and card gaming that evolve in the place, real-time gaming is coming to you with great abilities.


With other NFT gaming platforms flourishing, sports involving in here is a tricky note. There has only been a sport with minimalist sportsmanship in the metaverse. At the same time, other niches in the gaming and those vest of various storylines experience the strength of individual players in the field. And with all of those piling to be one as e-sports, the ecosystem has a reach. At the same time, exact sports and sporting stepped back.


But does technology have any limitations? It is all there to break its odds and breed through. With such expansion, here is coming GuardianLink, a blockchain-based company with their Cricket NFT gaming marketplace – This is the first-ever NFT sports in live-action that is expected to bring out a complete gaming experience. This can be a one-on-one gaming space with the player having the ability to play their match and gain real-time rewards in the game. The is a Gaming marketplace with trading abilities and functionalities.

When is the Cricket NFT Drop set?


The cricket NFT Drop is emancipated to drop by the third week of April 2022. The Super Loot box is planned to drop functions on the first-come, first-serve methods for users. Suppose any of you desire to make an early purchase, and it is not possible. Instead, you can increase the chance of owning the first-ever NFT by signing in and setting up your profile. Completing your wallet integration that could improve and hast your purchasing process at ease with not many complications. All the super loot box assets can be anything by that chance, which is still a surprise. Crypto enthusiasts expect it to be in-game collectibles, rare cards, or any memorial by event, which can help in improving your game in the marketplace after its launch.

Future alignment of Jump.Trade


This product is exclusively from GuardianLink, –, Metaverse cricket gaming marketplace. I suppose they are now set to venture into the market with Cricket gaming while there are a lot more on the row. They have also created such hype in the market for the users to think of its abilities. is anticipated to expose itself as full fledge gaming marketplaces. Let us not kill the excitement and wait for the launch of the Drop and then curate more expectations.


All we can do for now is to stay still and set up our profile and wallet for the next big thing in the NFT revolutions. The World’s first International cricket P2E game and its Drop.


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