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CoinSpectator – Cryptocurrency News Aggregator Spotlight

Cryptocurrency News Aggregator Spotlight - CoinSpectator

Launched back in 2013 as a blog, CoinSpectator evolved into a platform that aggregates news which caters to an audience comprised of traders, investors and individuals interested in the ongoings of the crypto industry. The website is a collation of all things crypto and blockchain that ranks content according to popularity and votes it receives from the community also hosts a full fledged ICO directory.

Although CoinSpectator primarily focuses on its news feed, the website consists of a full host of features that helps its stand out from its competition and this will delve into them.

The CoinSpectator News Feed

Coinspectator News Feed

Upon opening the CoinSpectator website the first thing one notices is the detailed news feed. The news feed comprises of articles ranging from ones focused on the most popular cryptos to ones focused on regulations applicable to blockchain technology.

The articles by default however do not comprise of blog articles but this can easily be changed by selecting the box at the very top. Users also have the option to untick the news category in order to see only blog posts so that they can focus their reading diet only on the reaction of people to happening in the crypto space rather than just knowing about the events themselves.

On the left side of the article headlines appear upvote and downvote buttons that allow users to chime in on the news and also receive feedback from the community at a glance before they decide to read the articles for themselves.


Once a user does decide to read an article they can categorise an article under four categories, namely; Bullish, Bearish, Shilling and FUD. On the right side of the headlines, articles contain smiley faces that are with green, red or uncoloured which further indicate feedback from its users.

Finally, the most useful feature of the news feed on CoinSpectator is that users are able to switch between latest news and top news allowing for visitors to filter the news feed in accordance with their needs. Taking into account all these factors, the news feed provided by CoinSpectator caters to both the trader and the casual reader with the collation of news a multitude of sources.

CoinSpectator’s ICO feed

CoinSpectator ICO feed

CoinSpectator’s ICO feed is separated by five categories, namely; hot, active, upcoming, ended and scams. All the ICO’s that are listed on the website contain the start and end dates along with their social media handles, official website, Github, whitepaper, and BitcoinTalk thread. Having all the required information being placed conveniently makes the job of researching what ICO one would like to invest in a whole lot easier. Having an entire category dedicated to scams also makes the job of figuring out which ICO’s are not to be trusted a whole lot easier for newbies.

The Price Ticker of CoinSpectator

CoinSpectator also features a price ticker at the bottom of the page which displays the price and percentage movement of cryptos such as BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, EOS, XLM, LTC, USDT, ADA and XMR. This makes it convenient for users as they do not have to go back and forth between the news aggregator and sites such as CoinMarketCap in order to determine price data.


CoinSpectator presents itself as one of the most useful sites in order to keep up with every single happening within the crypto and blockchain industry. Being of use to both the experienced trader, investor and newbie isn’t the easiest of tasks but CoinSpectator has certainly managed to pull the difficult task off.

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