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CoinPoint partnered with SBC ahead of the Barcelona Summit

CoinPoint partnered with SBC ahead of the Barcelona Summit

The leading Metaverse and Blockchain expert, CoinPoint, has signed a partnership agreement with SBC, a top-notch digital marketing firm, to become a strategic participant of the world’s biggest iGaming and sports betting event held in Barcelona.

The two firms agreed on a conglomerate right before the SBC Summit, which will be hosted in Fira Barcelona de Montjuic between the 20th and 22nd of September.

Since 2013, CoinPoint has gained popularity in the crypto and worldwide blockchain community. The crypto giant aims to make the complex digital asset industry accessible and comprehensible for anyone and everyone.

At the same time, CoinPoint is also focusing on educating its audience about the upcoming opportunities of the Web3.0 platform and making businesses realise digital assets’ true potential.

The reason behind the unusual partnership between CoinPoint and SBC

When Oron Barber, the founder of CoinPoint, was asked about the exciting partnership between iGaming and sports betting’s two biggest companies, he said that CoinPoint is excited to connect with people who are interested in the Metaverse, blockchain, and iGaming industries.

The Marketing Director of SBC, Dennis Algreen, commented that the joint venture of SBC with CoinPoint will enable their digital marketing firm to create awareness of the recently evolved blockchain, Metaverse, and other emerging aspects of Web3.0.

Right before the Barcelona event, CoinPoint and SBC announced their intention to combine forces, suggesting their target audience is people interested in content related to the Metaverse, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and blockchain technology.


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