Coinmatics Review

Coinmatics is a fintech company that offers clients the opportunity to copy trades. Experienced traders can earn more money from trade operations using the tool, while beginning traders can profit without having deep knowledge or abilities.

Coinmatics scans for traders whose methods may be copied after a selection procedure in which their abilities and prior accomplishments are verified. This implies that the chance of stumbling on an ineffective trading system on Coinmatics is very small.

Coinmatics provides a variety of tools to assist customers in managing risk. It’s essential because the cryptocurrency market is still relatively volatile, and there may be times when the market trends shift dramatically. Traders who use automated trading should be prepared for this. It’s also worth noting that Coinmatics does not have access to users’ funds directly.


  • Copy trading service is just one of the analytical tools provided by Coinmatics for professional traders.
  • A big amount of strategies — Spot and Futures.
  • Support services are quick and efficient.
  • Automatic and manual modes of copy trading.
  • User-friendly interface of the platform.


  • The main drawbacks are the absence of Futures and Margin Trading (however, it will be introduced in the near future)..
  • There are relatively few user reviews on the Internet.
  • To begin copy trading, you must deposit at least $50 to your exchange balance.


  • Ticker Alerts

With Coinmatics, you may create your own unique ticker alerts. These will provide users with immediate notifications when triggered, as well as all alarms being sent through the relevant Telegram account.

  • Analytics

Traders can view their transaction history and obtain portfolio updates from a variety of platforms. Analyze the marketplace from several perspectives with analytical dashboards like Margin Positions Amount, BTC Social Volume, Fear and Greed Index, Twitter Analytics Chart, and more.

  • Copy Trading

This allows professional traders to profit from investors who choose to subscribe to, and automatically copy, their strategies. They can also make money by trading with traders who have joined Telegram alerts (for manual copy trading).

Traders/investors can subscribe to more than 180 trading strategies created by professional traders. Trades can be copied manually or automatically, depending on the user’s preference.


Coinmatics is unable to withdraw your funds from your Binance balance because you haven’t granted withdrawal permissions for your API key. This is one of the most essential security issues to consider if you’re thinking about using Coinmatics for copy trading.

Users can use two-factor authentication to safeguard their accounts. When users create an account with Coinmatics, they may use this security feature by following a simple setup procedure. This facility may be found in the Account Settings section under the Security tab.

How Much Will It Cost?

The company states that a trader’s profit is subject to a 5% fee. Investors follow traders who submit strategies so that they may start earning money. At the conclusion of each billing cycle, investors will reimburse any commission charged on a strategy with their own funds. Coinmatics does not receive any money from investors at this time.

For Traders

If you’re a trader, Coinmatics keeps 5% of your earnings from their Coinmatics members. For example, the trader set his copy trading fee to $10 and Telegram signals cost $10. One subscriber purchases both subscriptions and pays $20 in total. We get 5% of those $20, so the trader makes $19 while we take home the remaining $1.

For Investors

The Coinmatics fees are dependent on your subscription choice, which is determined by your plan as an investor. There are three subscription alternatives:

  • Free

You may subscribe to Spot strategies, have access to Analytical Tools, Ticker Alerts, and Portfolio Tracker for free.

  • Premium

To subscribe to Futures Strategies, you must have a Premium Plan. After you’ve enrolled, you’ll have a 30-day trial. You can instantly terminate the trial and purchase the plan if you so choose. The annual Premium subscription is $20 per month or $15 per month for the monthly Premium plan. You will be given special attention in terms of copying as a bonus.

  • Premium Ref

To subscribe to Premium Ref, you must first create an account on any of our partner exchanges with our referral link. You’ll get priority signal copying and a bonus from the exchange as part of this plan. This is also a free service.

Traders must first deposit at least $50 before they can begin copy trading, which is added to their exchange balance.


Copy trading on Coinmatics is a good option for crypto novices who want to get started copy trading since the platform is easy to use and contains all of the necessary conditions. Professional traders may enhance their revenue by continuing to trade without risking losing money or making larger deposits.

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