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CoinMarketCap App is available for both iOS and Android

CoinMarketCap App

As one of the leaders in providing cryptocurrency data, it is CoinMarketCap’s job to keep up with technology. By the looks of it, CoinMarketCap brings in an all-new app to provide people with the cryptocurrency data. Moreover, the app is made for both the leading mobile operating systems in the world, i.e., iOS and Android. Specifically, CoinMarketCap came up with the mobile app the day before yesterday.

With the help of the mobile app, the users can easily track the trading volumes, prices, the activity of the cryptocurrency market. According to the sources, CoinMarketCap features more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency data information platform earlier this month said that it would release a mobile app for the company’s services. On the contrary, the data information providing platform came up with the mobile app on the 16th of April 2019. The company took it to their blog post to describe the mobile app. CoinMarketCap said that the app is one of the most powerful things that has come into being in the cryptocurrency industry.

Furthermore, the CoinMarketCap app allows the users to receive accurate alerts, tools, conversions, and data among other benefits. As of now, anyone with an iOS device or Android device can download the app. According to CoinMarketCap, it is important to provide the services to the people who keep tabs on cryptocurrency market 24/7.

Most importantly, the app is perfect for users who regularly trade and invest in digital currencies. CoinMarketCap over time become an all-around information center for cryptocurrency. And now, CoinMarketCap can enable the users to track more than 16,000 distinctive cryptocurrency markets.

The added features of the new CMC mobile app

The new mobile app helps the investors by enabling them to track the performances of the assets within their portfolios. The investors can also view the cryptocurrency prices in terms of fiat currencies like EUR, KRW, USD, JPY, and CNY among others.

Other than tracking prices, the users can also set up prices in the app which will give them price alerts in real-time. And once the set price target comes into effect, the users will get notifications of cryptocurrency in real-time. The information from the app will eventually help the users to take precise decision while investing in cryptocurrency. According to the company, the users can set alerts for any cryptocurrency among the 2000 cryptocurrency present in the platform.

The CMC also has a feature which allows the users in converting one crypto to another. The users can also convert cryptocurrency to fiat or even digital currencies. One of the most interesting features of the app is that users can also convert cryptocurrency value to precious metal. CoinMarketCap specifically said that the conversion could be done with the help of the price converter present on CMC.

It will be easier to compare the cryptocurrency based on the price as well as market cap. On the other hand, the app is the perfect medium for cryptocurrency enthusiasts for assessing cryptocurrency performances.

The app also sports another important feature called news. The news section will allow the users to follow up on the ongoing stories of the cryptocurrency along with recent updates.

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