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Coinbase to award Brave Browser enthusiasts with BAT tokens


It has been merely a month of 2019 and two exchanges have been have witnessed doom.  However, several crypto exchanges are collaborating with different crypto projects in lines with user interests. With Binance betting high stakes on TRON and BTT, Coinbase has also joined the race. It is actively promoting Basic Attention Token with a new scheme called “ Earn”.

The scheme allows users invited via mail  to earn BAT tokens by completing a number of online lessons and tutorials. Coinbase mentioned that initially $10 worth BAT would be available to those undertaking lessons and completing interactive tasks.

This move is a clear indicator that Coinbase is actively promoting BAT and the browser. Moreover, Coinbase listed BAT in early November, previous year. BAT aims to improvise the prevalent online advertising ecosystem. The token will achieve this by issuing an ERC token for advertisers and publishers.

Increased Exposure for Brave Browser

Further, the new venture will increase awareness for the Brave browser, which in turn will help the browser simplify the web by eliminating intrusive advertising. Presently, Google ads enjoy the sole monopoly of the ad space.

On the other hand, Facebook another monopolistic internet identity has also followed the same footsteps and is flooded with scammy ads. This in turn is a big turn off for users who signed up for something else. The lessons launched on the Earn BAT page will raise awareness and also increase adoption for the browser and token. 

“We see these interactive, advanced lessons in cryptocurrencies and tokens as an important step toward building awareness and usage of utility use-cases in the crypto ecosystem–one where a beginner can quickly get up to speed on a token in a few minutes, actually engage with the product, and earn some of that token along the way,”

the Coinbase blog added.


It is interesting to note that this is one of the ways to increase adoption without necessarily making people buy crypto. Consumers also view Coinbase as a trusted source for crypto awareness and education like it’s counterparts Binance and Bittrex. Moreover, it  is an interesting alternative to airdrops , commonly used to create hype for a specific project. 

BAT Price Rise


Following the announcement, BAT price saw a jump of 30%. It has surged from $0.10 to over $0.13 in a mere span of 1 hour. Also, it’s trading volume saw a great spike and jumped from $4 Million to $ 17 million. Presently, BAT rests at the 32nd position on market cap charts. 

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