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Coinbase Introduces OTC Desk Targeting Institutional Investors

Coinbase Introduces OTC Desk Targeting Institutional Investors

Coinbase, the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world and one of the leading companies in the industry for the digital currency, is continually introducing new developments for improving its operating and for being of excellent advantage to its clients. One of the latest initiatives on the part of the company is its launch of the OTC or over-the-counter crypto trading desk targeting institutional investors.

Coinbase OTC Crypto Trading Desk

It is true that the desk targets institutional investors, but at the same time, it also enabled all its customers to take the best advantage of lower volatility. This OTC desk is for fighting off competition between Gemini, Phoenix and Coinbase. Coinbase’s competitive advantage is that it will get to trade not only on a proprietary basis but will also match customer orders resulting in lower settlement times and lower fees.

The head of sales at Coinbase, Christine Sandler, explained the move to be “opportunistic.” She said,

“We have launched our trading desk in the form of a complement to our exchange business. This is mainly because we found that many organisations were making use of OTC as a ramp for crypto trading. We were of the belief that this was a major advantage to our customers for actually leveraging both our PTC and exchange business.”

As per Sandler, Coinbase OTC crypto trading desk will enable trades to settle “instantly and seamlessly” with cash being available for “instant withdrawal” and with absolutely “no possibilities of failed trade” and “no requirement of cashing down blockchain transfers and wires.” Christine also explained the plans of the company in regards to expanding its service offerings. The services of the company would now include delayed settlement while integrating it with Coinbase Custody, the platform introduced in July.

Stable Coin by Coinbase

Quite recently, Coinbase announced its very own stable coin named USDC. As per Christine Sandler, this is probably “one of the most liquid stable coins tradings at the moment”.

Commenting on the role played by stable coins throughout the market, Christine said:“When you ponder on the volatility, you wonder about the complement of the way you will be mitigating that volatility for the cryptocurrency users. In this regard, a stable coin does that [mitigates volatility].”

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