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Cine Multi becomes Second Cinema House to accept Bitcoin Payments

Looks like Brazilian Bitcoin holders are in for a surprise. Recently, Brazil-based cinema ‘ Cine Multi’ announced their plans to accept ticket payments in Bitcoin. Also,  Cine Multi, is one of the Brazil’s biggest cinemas.

The founder of Cine Multi Fernando Costa, commenting on the matter, said:

For Cine Multi, which already follows the path of culture, pioneering an innovative market is a huge step forward. Now all the customers besides being in a pleasant environment, will also be pioneers to pay a cinema with Bitcoins.”

Cine Multi signs deal with Bancryp app

The Cinema has now become the world’s second cinema to accept Bitcoin payments.As a matter of fact,  Major CinePlex group , movie theatre chain in Thailand was the first to receive Bitcoin payments from it’s customers. Furthermore, Cine Multi has signed a deal with Bancryp app, which will allow customers to make payments in crypto.

In 2018, João Amoêdo, one of the presidential candidates expressed his thoughts on cryptocurrencies. Besides, Amoêdo notes: 

As a means of payment, I see no doubts that Bitcoin can be understood as a legal payment method. If both parties want to exchange a product via bitcoin, I do not see any legal barriers to doing so.


Also in January 2018, Brazil started deploying Ethereum’s blockchain for monitoring and tracking  political expression.


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