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China’s IT Giant Baidu Revealed as the Secret Partner of TRON Foundation


The Big Revelation

Speculations have been making rounds since the revelation of a milestone partnership of the decentralized internet startup, TRON, with an unknown industry giant. However, also popping up are a few indicators that are demystifying the situation.

According to a Business Insider report, the secret partner of the Tron Foundation is the multinational technology company, Baidu. In a recent Twitter announcement, they declared that the team had received some exclusive information that unveiled Baidu as the secret partner. The report goes on to discuss that Tron has collaborated with China’s IT giant and the official announcement will be given by Baidu in a couple of days.

Tron Twitterazzi Response

The Tron community’s excitement over the announcement is evident from numerous tweets that followed the big news.

Tweet by a Ro Dijk
Tweet by a Ro Dijk

A tweet by a Ro Dijk, pointed out that StatCounter has concurred the firm to have control over 66% of China’s online search market while its closest rival, Alibaba’s Shenma accounts for only 14% of the control. Consequently suggesting that the collaboration is only credible.


On the other hand, the famed Tron Community member T.@WLFOFMYST, in his tweet suggested that speculations were going wild as the collaboration was announced a while back and Baidu was not involved whatsoever.


However, in a later tweet today, he expressed his final thoughts saying that the way TRX reacted to the news and the mount in its price makes him believe that it might indeed be Baidu.

Market Response

The announcement of Tron’s new secret partner was made only twenty-four hours back, but the mount in the price of TRX has surged a wave of excitement across the crypto market. The market performance was also backed by the activation of the TVM (Tron Virtual Machine) on the same day when the secret partner of Tron was announced.

The TRX value spiked from $0.020 and reached the present values of $0.023367, which is an increment of about 16.8% from the value it held yesterday. TRON’s TRX cryptocurrency is now ranked the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

The Giant that is Baidu

Baidu is a Chinese IT firm, which specializes in Internet-based products and services. The headquarters of the firm are located in Beijing. Baidu is a multinational technology company that also has a big presence in AI (Artificial Intelligence). The Global Business Unit of Baidu was created under the name of DU Apps Studio which is an app developer and has over two billion active users globally.

Do you believe Baidu is the secret partner of Tron? Let us know your views in the comment section below.


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