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China Bans Two Tech Companies for Exporting Faulty Medical Supplies


China bans two tech companies from exporting medical supplies abroad after international clients return products citing quality issues.

As per the latest reports, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce has placed a ban on state-backed blockchain firm, Tus Data Asset, on exporting medical supplies to foreign countries in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tus Data Asset has been alleged of selling low-quality products, which clients have returned. The firm originally started selling medical supplies since March, when the pandemic started triggering higher demands for such products. As of now, the ministry has not shed light on the exact category of products that caused quality-related issues. 

Tus Data Asset happens to be the first tech company to be controlled by state capital. Before foraying into the export of medical supplies, it dealt with providing blockchain solutions for the Communist Party of China.

Apart from Tus Data Asset, the Chinese Government is also eyeing to ban Shenzhen-based Aibaoda Technology. This tech company which originally manufactures earphones and microphones had been acquiring masks from local players and exporting them to foreign countries. A whole lot of Chinese firms are supplying medical equipment to clients across the world amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as many countries are facing dire shortages. 

Last month, Spain reported that it will no longer use coronavirus test-kits made by Chinese firms, as they have proved to be extremely ineffective. 

The above mentioned Chinese companies had been exporting masks majorly to Europe and the United States, which account for more than 80% of total COVID cases across the world. While major forces like the US have been blatantly accusing China of spreading the deadly virus, the recent tarnish in the global market in regard to the quality of medical supplies is not helping China’s image either. 


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