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ChainX- A cut above the rest

With the growing prospect of cryptocurrencies, the trend of trading in various digital currencies is growing by the day. With hundreds of exchanges out there in the crypto ecosystem, trading is not a very tough zone to be in. However, people across the globe are hesitant to invest and trade in most of these exchanges due to various drawbacks and challenges on these platforms. 

At ChainX, we have resolved most of these issues to offer traders across the globe with a seamless cryptocurrency trading experience. A considerable number of crypto projects listing their coin on our platform is a testimony to the same. Before, we move too far ahead, here are a few general crypto trading woes that we have tried to resolve at ChainX. 

High trading fees – This is one of the main reasons why traders opt of trading on many exchanges. At ChainX, we believe in the philosophy of ‘trading for all’, and hence, we do not charge any deposit fees from our users. Even the withdrawal fees are nominal as compared to other platforms. 

Customer Support – Most cryptocurrency exchanges do not have the resources to tackle all users of the platform. The last thing a trader wants is zero support from the exchange, while he/she has got stuck during the trading process. At ChainX, we have a dedicated team working 24/7 to solve queries raised by traders. 

Liquidity – Plummeting liquidity is a major problem with most cryptocurrency exchanges today, as a result of which the value of cryptocurrency transactions are decreasing. At ChainX, we have addressed this issue through our unique architecture. 

As of date, ChainX is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges based out of Korea. With our robust technical architecture, a large number of available trading pairs and exquisite customer service, we have been able to attract a large number of cryptocurrency traders on our platform. 

Hence, we are glad to announce that, we have also got a large number of partner projects on board and they are working successfully with us. 

What comes across as a striking result is the first round of BCash IEO being completely sold out on our platform within a mere thirty minutes. Our other partner projects include BRIKCOIN, Blockburn RHOVIT, CryptoDiffer, MetalBlock, Solarypto, AskBrains, Emjak, and many others. 

With these many projects executing themselves, successfully on our platform, we look forward to having more of such exciting projects onboard and offering our users a seamless crypto trading experience. 

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