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“Chain-ging the World” — ChainUP Concludes Asian Tour Meet-up in Malaysia & Vietnam

23 DECEMBER 2019 — ChainUP has successfully concluded its Asian Tour Meet-up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Hanoi, Vietnam that were held on 16 Dec 2019 and 19 Dec 2019 respectively. The meetups attracted over 180 participants from the local Blockchain communities and partners and were part of ChainUP’s effort to grow their networking circle and opportunities with potential regional partners from key ASEAN countries.

In its Malaysian’s stop, ChainUP invited Blockchain community members to a night of networking and celebration of the festive season. Named “Chain-ging the World x Crypto Christmas Party”, the event in Kuala Lumpur hosted a rapping performance and souvenir giveaways amongst the brand presentation given by Mr. Gengfa Zhong, Founder and CEO of ChainUP. 

In his speech to both Malaysian and Vietnamese attendees, Mr. Zhong announced for the first time ChainUP’s plan to launch a new generation of cloud exchange architecture, which will make the platform even more stable and secure. Additionally, this platform will further serve as a development portal for ChainUP’s partners.

Those in attendance for both the events in Kuala Lumpur and Hanoi included the industry big names such as Luno, Techcryption, Malaysia Blockchain Association and Blocklime from Malaysia, as well as Bigcoin Vietnam, Kingchain Media, Clover, VICgroup, Treechain, ETCVietnam from Vietnam. The presence of these companies, together with the local KOLs, media partners and community members, showed the potential of ChainUP’s development and expansion into these markets. Additionally, attendees from the Hanoi event received free airdrops from ChainUP’s partner, BiKi. HiCoin, the company’s official supplier of its digital wallet, was also present to give a speech on the overall features of the product.

With 8 well-developed product lines that include a cryptocurrency exchange, a digital wallet and a Blockchain cloud media, ChainUP is positioning itself to be a strong player in the Blockchain industry that can provide a wholesome product and service experience for all its users. With these products and services available, the project is set to bring greater access and technological innovation to the masses. Mr. Gengfa Zhong said in a statement following the two events,

We acknowledge that there is a growing market in Malaysia and Vietnam, especially in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry. We want to transform this belief into action; to reach out to potential business clients and partners to work together with us and grow the ecosystem of ChainUP together.”

Apart from acquiring more corporate clients into their database, ChainUP is actively looking for relevant industry partners to collaborate with to ensure a strong connection between its headquarters in Singapore and the various expansions into the Asian cities they are looking into. Mr. John Kim, Overseas Vice President of ChainUP, shared during a panel discussion on the company’s plan to look for partners,

We are looking forward to recruiting and working with super nodes from the region to penetrate and empower the Blockchain circle. We are also interested to work with the local communities and media partners to host small meet-ups to discuss Blockchain technology and bring innovative practices together.”

Moving forward into 2020, ChainUP is looking to accelerate its internationalisation plan to increase its international client base while working hard to improve the technicalities behind the ecosystem of the company.

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ChainUP is a world leading Blockchain technology service provider and its services include a global digital asset trading system, wallet services, AUROR exchange situational awareness system and more. With its vision to “be the most trustworthy Fintech company in the world” and mission to “continuously create value for clients”, ChainUP provides customers with a safe, stable, reliable and global one-stop service from infrastructure to accurate operation, based on the technology exercises of massive businesses.

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