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Benefits of CCNA Certification for Networking Professionals

Benefits of CCNA Certification

I have a bachelor’s degree, a good job in one of the reputed IT firms, and I’m completing my master’s degree from so and so university, why do I need a CCNA certification?

To a certain extent, your argument sounds about right yet not completely valid. You sure can have a good job with your Bachelor’s and master’s degree but you can’t prevail in the long run with the degree alone.

How about thinking of it like this…

All my colleagues are bachelors, have an equally good job, are doing masters, how can I outstand them in the competition?

Will you still question the certification?

I don’t think so…

So, if you are a broad-minded person who has a mentality to strive for the best then you surely need to get CCNA certified.

Read along!


CCNA certification is a standout amongst the most vouched and esteemed IT certification globally. As much as 1 million CCNA certificates have been granted since it was first propelled in 1998. So it isn’t by chance that Cisco has become so popular.

Cisco certifications have profited both the applicants and the businesses. Many individuals have truly seen the positive improvements and have gained genuine advantages and procured profitable skills during the time spent getting to be certified. There are multitudinous cases where people having over ten years or so in their IT career feel the need of getting CCNA certified. This certification program fills in as the base standard for IT experts with the learning of Cisco networking and operating systems.

CCNA Specializations

To get CCNA certified, you’ll have to appear and pass in any of the following 9 exams.

  1. CCNA Cloud
  2. CCNA Collaboration
  3. CCNA Service Provider
  4. CCNA Cyber Ops
  5. CCNA Data Center
  6. CCNA Wireless
  7. CCNA Industrial
  8. CCNA Routing and Switching
  9. CCNA Security

How to prepare for a CCNA exam?

  1. Get enrolled in CCNA training program online or by experts nearby you. Without getting a proper training for the certification, it will become difficult for you to pass the exam.
  2. Study yourself and research online to obtain the Proper Study Materials.
  3. Seek pieces of advice from the experts
  4. Learn from hands-on experience at your workplace

Benefits of CCNA Certification

Benefits of CCNA Certification

Every recruiter in IT firm will affirm that in this field the certified experts are held in high respect globally in comparison to those with certification. However, to convince you further we have enlisted the benefits of CCNA Certification for your networking career.

Quality Skills

Getting your CCNA certification will most certainly build your knowledge and comprehension of the ideas. Regardless of whether you have a long time of involvement in the field, you would expand your knowledge and skills.

As is commonly said, nothing can supplant genuine experience, however, books are additionally essential for staying up with the latest trends in the business. During the time spent getting certified you would be shelled with numerous headways of the business hence expanding your general knowledge.

Also, your CCNA certificate shows potential businesses that you have aced the skills should have been needed to install, operate and troubleshoot a Cisco network.

Benefits of CCNA Certification

Good salary

Pay rates are exceptionally individualized and reliant on numerous mind-boggling factors, yet IT experts with certifications win higher normal pay rates than those without certification. CIO recorded CCNA certification as one that could win IT experts around 8-13 percent more than they would win without the certification. This implies, with CCNA certification your next salary augmentation is right here in the wake of getting your certification. You can even get as much as a 100% expansion in his salary in the wake of getting his certification. You would tell that 100% expansion is simply incredible, yes it is conceivable in the event that you have a decent reputation and skills.


With CCNA certificate, it won’t be wrong to say that you have your designation promotion on the way. Since businesses favor those with the certificate, you might see yourself getting promoted and moving up in the hierarchy of your organization. This will be much  earlier than your more experienced colleagues (because they don’t have the certificate).

Employer Benefits

Numerous businesses like to hire certified individuals since they are more skilled in meeting up the demands of the continually evolving IT field. That is the reason numerous businesses bear the expense of certification. It’s a sort of common give and takes.

Handling Router and Switches is easy

CCNA certification enables you to deal with system routers and switches. In this way, you have the skills to communicate both inside as well as outside the networks. Switches associate computers, printers, and servers together on a network, whereas routers connect networks together.

Weightage in Resume

More importantly, you will get a CCNA card, endorsement and letter from Cisco approving your accomplishment.

Doorway to Advanced Certifications

Most IT experts might become group leads or get further promotions as they increase in experience. CCNA certifications are essentials to expert and master level Cisco certifications that can open ways to future chances. CCNA concentration like CCNA Voice, CCNA Wireless, CCNA Security, and many other professional level certifications require a legitimate CCNA certificate.


Likewise, some of the colleges give as much as 6 credits in the event that you hold a legitimate CCNA certificate.

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