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Catalyst Introduces New Waterproof XR Cases For Recent Iphones At The CES 2019

Catalyst, a popular electronic device case and accessory manufacturer across the world, took yet another leap and introduced new 100 percent waterproof iPhone XR cases at the CES 2019. Besides, the company soon will also be introducing new Impact Protection Case meant for 44mm Apple Watch Series 4. The pre-order process for the case has begun from January 6 while its shipping will start from January 10.

The major benefit the users will get from the case is that it will not just act as a breathable band but also a rugged case which will protect the Apple watch. Besides, there is also a latest Impact Protection Case up for preorder now for the 40mm Apple Watch Series 4 while the shipping will start from February.


Further, the only 100 percent waterproof case, the Catalyst Waterproof Case meant for the 44mm Apple Watch Series 4 is available for pre-order now as well while the shipping will begin by January end. The users can also go ahead and get their hands on the case starting from March. On the other hands, a waterproof case for the 40mm Apple Watch Series 4 is also expected to have a launch later on this year.

Get ready to order online

People will find all of these brand new cases, along with the waterproof ones meant for the recent iPhone releases as well as accessories, in the Catalyst booth. Besides, users will also be able to order a new Apple Watch TPU Screen Protector by January end. Additionally, the product range also includes Waterproof 20 Litre Backpack.


As per June Lai, CEO, Catalyst, the company continues to design and innovate the best of cases as well as accessories for the recent devices. Catalyst impact and waterproof solutions for the Apple Watch Series 4 will bring about whole new confidence and style for the users, Lai added. Also, the cases will enable the users to wear the Apple Watch with no fear or worry of any damage, he further said.

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A collaboration on the way!

The company is extremely excited to collaborate with Best Buy for launching its waterproof cases for the Apple Watch Series 4 and continue to grow their range of products, both online and in-store.

Three Apple AirPods Special Catalyst Edition cases, which were announced in December 2018, have also been included in the latest Catalyst lineup. Since December 18 last year, these special edition cases have been made available for purchase at Apple retail stores across Canada and the US.

This product was exclusively created using premium quality as well as durable materials. The Special Edition cases offer a rating of IP67 waterproof to 1 meter as well as drop protection to 1.2 meters. The cases are available in three color variants, white, black and glow-in-dark and are priced at $29.99. Josh Wright, Chief Designer, Catalyst said that the products, the company is now introducing at the CES 2019 will also offer value to all the customers as an essential daily accessory.

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