Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Is “All In” On Solana

Mike Tyson has tweeted his thoughts regarding the Solana attack which was a big mistake by the ethereum-killer and was a huge hit at the time. He tweeted a recent photo of his NFT with the status “All in on Solana… Just copped a Catalina Whale… pow pow!.”


The boxer added a Catalina whale non-fungible token to the Solana blockchain. In addition, Tyson began selling Dream (DREAM), a dreadful ERC20-issue token that claims to “revolutionize” the digital space and assist the community deal with psychological disorders. It is reported that Iron Mike has asked Twitter to decide between Solana and Ethereum for the upcoming elections this month.

Catalina Whale Mixer is a collection of NFTs published on the Solana blockchain for the unversed. The boxer announced his first NFT in July after collaborating with creative agency 1ofone.

The Solana-based Catalina Whale NFT Mixer currently has a minimum price of 15 SOL ($2,200), and the Tysons NFT features his world champion belt version of the whale along with her famous face tattoo.

 Mike Tyson has bought the Catalina Whale NFT available on SolSea, an NFT marketplace built on Solana. In the first round, Tyson, who previously launched the Ethereum NFT project through OpenSea last year, tweeted on Jan. 13 that he is a revived Solana supporter, sharing a screenshot of the new NFT he captured. Mike Tyson chose Solana over Ethereum 

 Iron Mike asked Twitter in September to decide whether to choose Ethereum or Solana And much to Internet’s delight, SOLANA won the poll against Ether, and s a result, Tyson recently tweeted that he went all-in on Solana, one of Ethereum’s top killers. In 2021, he worked side-by-side with creative company launch Mike Tyson’s official NFTs on the popular NFT marketplace.

Tyson is known for his speed and accuracy, as well as his perfect peek-a-boo defensive style. He also stated that we could call him Floyd Crypto Mayweather and announced his support for the third ICO. In 1988, after Tyson broke his winning streak, he ended his career as a contender for heavyweight champ Michael Spinks. 


You can tell this guy is serious about this world and even recently became a TokenStars Tennis Ambassador. Some celebrities follow their passion wherever it takes them, including the world of blockchain.

Since TokenStars is a blockchain-based talent management platform, we are always eager to learn more about celebrities. They have the potential to spread knowledge about the world of cryptocurrencies and attract those who have not yet been involved in the blockchain


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