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Bold claim on Ethereum by the CEO of Tron

Bold Claim by Tron on Ethereum

The CEO of Tron Justin Sun is never left behind when it comes to the excitement as he has a reputation of making bold claims and remarks which are outlandish. Besides, he has also been successfully able to lead the blockchain into one of the popular and most opted cryptocurrencies within a short period. As Twitter is now the major platform for the discussion of each every matter gaining the interest of people cryptocurrency being no different, Sun made a big claim on Twitter.

The claim was about the stable coin on the Tron’s platform USDT. According to Sun, Tron (TRX) enjoys a total of 2% of the Tether (USDT). He also predicted that this year would be the end with 50% of USDT in the year 2019 which would surpass the ETH mark which was 10%. Tron is gaining attention for the alliance made with the tether. Several advantages of the alliance were claimed. The possibility of a stable coin is also in discussion. The launch of the USDT stable coin on the 17th of April has a grab on the good publicity for Tron. This is where the business policy of Sun is clear enough.

Tether Stable coin has gained a lot of praises. This is so because this has given a room to more invention and developments within the blockchain. This is quite clear that there will be an elevation of the liquidity on the decentralized exchanges. This will lead to the slash of the volatility of the TRX, and thereby there will be the elevation of the storage value for TRX holders.

Launching the token

The launch of USDT token is quite satisfactory. This has not been even a week of the launch, and it has successfully been able a total of 2% of the supply of Tether which is a great milestone to be achieved.

But on the other hand, the Ethereum (ETH) will require some time to achieve a good name as the blockchain remains to be the best option of the network for the developers. Tron has shown the determined mindset before as well in the past and has proven its capability of pushing Ethereum in many sectors.

This has recently been an achievement of the 2.5 million on the network, and this great move is something that is the reason for all the delights of Sun. The prospects are exciting but we still need to observe whether things do work out as per the predictions made by Sun or not. But if we talk about the present, then USDT of Tron is on the right track and is about to make a lot of achievements.

In the broad scenario of the present market of the cryptocurrency, Tron is the 11th largest blockchain that is merely based on Market cap. This has also entered on an alliance with the which would get the coin a huge exposure.

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