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Blockchain News | Comcast Report : Blockgraph to be commercially available in 2019


Blockgraph,  a blockchain initiative is aimed to be commercially available in 2019, as stated by American global telecommunications conglomerate Comcast.

“Comcast is currently working with NBCUniversal to test Blockgraph’s capabilities with plans of incorporating it into its addressable offering in early 2019,”

states the release.

Founded in 2001, Comcast is a global media company, that provides services such as cable television, Internet and telecoms services. The company’s consolidated revenue for the third quarter of 2018 was $22.1 billion which places them as the second largest broadcasting company in the world in terms of revenue and a largest TV company in the United States. 

About Blockgraph

According to Comcast, the next phase of its Blockgraph platform is initiated by its Cable Advertising division. Blockgraph platform is a product intended to secure personal data and distribute information which will consequently lead to the project’s launch in 2019. Other industry players like mass media conglomerate Viacom and advertising sales firm Spectrum Reach are working together with the conglomerate on this project.

The media companies will be enabled to share non-identifiable audience data through the Blockgraph’s “identity layer” for the TV industry. This implies that the peer-to-peer platform intends to advance the efficiency and value of TV marketing and advertising.

President of Spectrum Reach David Kline commented:

“It’s imperative that the use of data prioritizes the privacy of consumers’ personal information. Blockgraph’s technology offers enhanced security and privacy protections by allowing all players within the TV ecosystem to directly share insights derived from anonymized and aggregated information.”

The American media has maligned Comcast for being a de facto monopoly in many regions. Some publications have even referred to them as the “Worst Company in America”. Minnesota States Attorney General Lori Swanson filed a lawsuit against Comcast Corporation/Xfinity, earlier today, accusing them to have charged customers more than they initially promised

Comcast has supported other blockchain development projects. In March, New York-based blockchain startup Blockdaemon, was supported by the coveted enterprise  and it managed to raise a $3 million venture capital. The funds were supposed to be used to  “enhance infrastructure options, and to help customers run multi-tenant networks across all sorts of different blockchains”.

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