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Blockchain Project Incubator of Bibox Crypto Exchange


Bibox, a leading firm in the field of cryptocurrency is all set to launch incubators for its blockchain projects. As per the report, they are calling the project Bibox Orbit.

Bibox is an Estonia based firm which has set standards in cryptocurrency exchange. It is the ninth largest cryptocurrency exchanging firm in terms of adjusted trading volume. It has revealed it’s rolling out Bibox orbit for its projects.

However, Bibox has not specified the exact date of the launch of its project. It says that the project aims to provide a flourishing environment for a high potential blockchain project. It can also assist the ecological construction and long term development.

Interestingly, Bibox is not the only one to provide this kind of service. A firm which goes by the name Binance explains its services by launching an incubator program. The Initiative aims to help early-stage blockchain and digital asset project. It requires entrepreneurs through direct investments. And, the project assists in the technical aspects of projects which can help entrepreneurs a lot.

Bibox Features to Support Margin Trading

Bibox features cryptocurrency exchanges. It has features like ETH, BTC, BIX, GUSD, USDT
markets, etc. They focus on supporting margin trading and issue its token which goes by the
name Bibox Token (BIX).

As per facts and figures, Bibox announced to support TTC MainNet and Token Swap, delist some trading pairs, and open XRP or USDT and ONG or USDT trading pairs. The exchange company announced to list RubyChain (RUB) and BitTorrent (BTT) in March 2019. Bibox continues to distribute BTT airdrop and support some. It will list EOS perpetual contract and decrease Token Translation fee to 0.01%. The company is in news for constantly new changes in its systems and is all set to re-open Ormeus Coin trading.

Bibox announced some latest developments of ORME Token and will suspend BOTTOS Trading and deposit. It will add a trained pair like CWV or USDT trading pair soon. In last January, it announced to list Kambria and support ETH Constantinople and St. Petersburg Hard Fork. The company has a long list of announcements and always something new in its announcement board to deliver quality changes and service to its clients. Earlier it has completed the initial BTT airdrop & deposit and withdrawal function as well.

Binance Releases its first Blockchain Project to Seed Funding

Binance released its first blockchain projects, assessing over 500 applicants in December 2018. But, it only chose eight projects each with $500,000 seed funding. It also gave access to the necessary resources and mentors. Its incubator programs emerge successfully to provide its services.

Iota Foundation is the company which is behind eponymous cryptocurrency. It partnered with startup incubator which goes by the name Nova, and it funds new startups and employs lota’s platform. It does its funding through “Iota Cofoundery” which is available on the website of Nova. This program aims at the early stages of developments of startups and involves seed funding. It grants access to selected startups for Nova’s mentoring program. As a result, they get access to a tech startup team consisting of more than 20 startup consultants, as per reports.

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