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Blockchain Platform BOSAGORA Reveals an Advanced DeFi Financial Model — T-Fi

The crypto industry has exploded again in late 2020, and the growth continues strongly in 2021. The current price surge is unlike nothing observed before — not even in 2017. Even institutional investors have entered the industry, and are buying massive amounts of coins, although they are still primarily focusing on Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, in Ethereum’s ecosystem, the DeFi sector is skyrocketing, with the current total value locked (TVL) exceeding $41 billion. 

However, DeFi still lacks a proper financial model, which is an issue that a project called BOSAGORA decided to address and solve, and that’s exactly what it did by creating a first real economy DeFi financial model known as T-Fi.

What is T-Fi?

According to BOSAGORA, which just released the blueprint of a first DeFi financial model with an advanced concept, T-Fi is ‘true finance’ — a new financial experience that will connect its native coin, BOA, with so-called ‘real economies,’ such as real estate and securities. It is an economic ecosystem that will allow the creation of profits in a number of different ways.

Some of them will include generating profits by creating blocks through BOA node operating, as well as achieving fixed interests through lending, receiving income dividends by participating in STOs (Security Token Offerings), and more. 

T-Fi will also be able to generate profits through the lending of crypto assets that are already staked in the real economy, in addition to everything else. 

The company also published a roadmap, which shows a small-scale pilot operation scheduled to take place in March of this year. 

How will it All Work?

According to BOSAGORA, the blockchain platform will establish a separate company called T-Fi Labs, which will be in charge of T-Fi ecosystem’s management. T-Fi labs will operate nodes, carry out a variation of businesses such as lending BOA tokens, invest in real economy, pay out fixed interests to lenders, and more. It will also be in charge of operating a crypto exchange, which users will be able to use for buying and selling the so-called lending-voucher tokens. Users will be able to use the platform to distribute the tokens among themselves.

T-Fi structure is designed in a way that makes it virtually impossible to manipulate through bugs, smart contracts, or blind spots in the profit mechanism. This will help the company achieve the goal of offering higher, more stable profits, as it will complement the existing DeFi projects’ vulnerabilities. For example, DeFi — as it has been until now — is focusing on lending and transaction of ERC-20 tokens. T-Fi, on the other hand, will be able to make investments in different real economies.

Another advantage that T-Fi has over DeFi is the fact that it can attract universal participation. Once again, this comes from the fact that it is based on real economy, which is already well-known and familiar to participants. The focus of the traditional economy sector will be on the stock industry, where T-Fi plans to operate asset lending through FMway — an investment firm with a data-based stock-picking algorithm.

FMway has already partnered with BOSAGORA in November 2020, when the two signed a business agreement.

Of course, the project will be fully decentralized, and the best way to bring the data regarding the stock market to blockchain is through another partnership — this one with Chainlink. Chainlink is one of the biggest crypto projects, and best known for its oracles that can deliver off-chain data to the blockchain level.

When will All Go Live?

The exact date when the project will fully take off remains unknown. However, it is known that T-Fi Labs aims to launch lending products in the first half of 2021. As for the start of the official service for operating nodes as an agency, it is supposed to happen in the second half of the year. 

During the first year of operating Coinnet, BOSAGORA will also have to create and offer BOA coins to node operators as a reward for their service. This will be 37.84% of the coin’s total supply, which is significantly more than what typical PoS projects offer.

As for T-Fi Labs, the company will officially start operating in three days, on February 22nd. From that point forward, it will be receiving participants interested in joining the initial pilot operation.

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