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Blockchain News | MediBloc [ First Medical Blockchain ] releases Mainnet Source Code

MediBloc released the source code of MediBloc’s mainnet at 14:00 KST today.  The platform is a patient-centric health data platform and works to empower patients around the globe to be in control of their PHR by building a sustainable blockchain.

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The official rollout of the mainnet will take place during the first half of 2019. MediBloc testnet, is in operation and will be dependent on how the team tests, refines and advances the mainnnet. The genesis block will be released after all necessary testings are done.

MediBloc’s blockchain core has been tested with  multiple PoCs conducted in cooperation with medical institutions and businesses. The blockchain core has been the foundation of various functions including cryptocurrency transaction, blockchain ID, and information sharing system.

More importantly, it has  been recognized as an open blockchain which can be used by medical institutions or any other interested ventures.

Development status Updates

## BP function

– Comprehensive implementation of BP candidacy process

– BP voting feature added to wallet

– Account Alias feature added (assigning unique name BP candidate)

## Block Execution

– Comprehensive implementation of bandwidth control feature

– Transaction Receipt feature added

– Block’s merkle tree restructured to easily add new transactions

## Storage

– RocksDB Storage option added

## SDK

– Unified wallet format applied to medjs and go-medibloc

Important updates and documentation for developers will be updated on GitHub regularly. Token swap will take place after the official launch of the mainnet.

Other Updates

The Medibloc wallet will soon be launched and will be used for token swap. It is available on web browsers and is at final stage of development for token swap.

Detailed instruction on token swap will be announced after wallet launch. The swap will take place over time and the  team is communicating with exchanges and related parties for the smooth and efficient swap process. .



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