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Blockchain News | Ethfinex partners with Rigoblock asset management infrastructure


The Ether based community trading ecosystem from Bitfinex, Ethfinex has today revealed what the assimilation of the Rigoblock asset management infrastructure on Ethfinex Trustless will appear like.

Rigoblock is a blockchain protocol that makes it feasible for anyone to set up and run a decentralized token pool. Offering modular and abstract software, Rigoblock enables any developer to customize the blockchain protocol and build their own applications. The integration will facilitate anyone, anywhere, to set up, run and invest in Ethereum-based token pools in a matter of minutes

Coupled with their proof-of-performance algorithm and rewards operators based on the assets and performance of the pools they are operating, Rigoblock turns the traditional model of asset management on its head through eliminating management fees and performance fees.

Rigoblock on Ethfinex

Traders can operate the Rigoblock tools directly from the Ethfinex Trustless UI and refer to the instructional guide to set up their first Ethereum-based token pool.

Rigoblock is designed bearing applications in mind, provides developers with an opportunity to create fully customized applications on top of it. Rigoblock makes it possible for anyone to set up and run decentralized token pools on Ethereum through acting as the infrastructural layer for blockchain-based asset management applications.

“We are excited to reveal the integration of two open protocols working seamlessly together to bring value to this space. We are confident that Rigoblock and Ethfinex collectively will pave the way for evermore innovative applications being built, and thereby a new wave of financial revolution.”

Gabriele Rigo, Rigoblock

The software is modular and flexible, enables third-party developers to create, personalize and deploy their own investment vehicles, reducing operational frictions to the profit of all participants.

“We are incredibly excited to be collaborating with Rigoblock to deliver a seamless asset management experience on Ethereum. With a shared ethos to provide a democratized and decentralized trading environment for the community, we are certain that this collaboration will pave the road for fantastic developments to take place within the realm of decentralized finance.”

Kasper Rasmussen, Ethfinex


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