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Blockchain News | AT&T files blockchain-based patent application to map histories of social media


AT&T, the telecom giant recently applied for a blockchain-based patent application. It is titled ‘Blockchain-based Social Media History Maps’. It will help to  map histories of social media.

The patent was published on December 13. It describes a system of tracking social media platform history on behalf of subscribers. Mostly, this kind of service would be useful to business and future employers.

The patent application also has a specific category which describes tracking will also be ‘career interests. It means that this  service is not not limited to tracking negative social media activities, instead. Additionally, it can also be used for finding people who are interested in their sector.  

However, the platform is not just focused on tracking activities, another purpose of it might be the tracking of trends in a non-isolated way. It is a service which would require having a separate account on each social media platform to get the information.

Further, it can also be focused at businesses who may want to know what people are saying on different social media platforms while in their institutions. Even general users also might want to find out what people in their area of influence are interested in and they might also want to know about current trends around them. The information can be obtained by sorting various categories including time, location and date.

Purpose of the AT & T Blockchain Patent

As mentioned the  AT&T product is having a lot of different purposes. One such purpose is that the owners of the content would keep ownership of the information in the blockchain social media mapping service. And one more benefit to the creators may be that the tweets and the posts they make will remain in the blockchain map even if they are deleted by the platform at large.

However, some points of the patent application may raise questions about privacy concerns

The marketer’s vision might be having access to such data on basis of a per-person. Targeted marketing could, therefore, new heights. Nevertheless, there are multiple models where it could benefit both the parties. 

The social media mapping technologies are a rarity these days. All these enterprises are committed to taking benefit of different promotional abilities of every platform.

 However, one thing is for sure, if the AT&T is granted the patent, then they will have access to all the social media mapping which has blockchain segment moving forward.


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