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Blockchain-based Fundraising Launchpad, AlaldiEx To Launch Its Trading Exchange With OTC Feature on the 15th of June

Blockchain-based financial supply platform for MSMEs, AladiEx is all set to launch its initial exchange with OTC trading facilities on the 15th of June. 

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to swipe through the global economy, it is becoming increasingly difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to sustain. SMEs have always had the most difficulties with the traditional funding institutions, and these difficult times are making it even tougher for them to secure capital investment and continue to grow their operations. 

AladiEx is Tokenizing Traditional Fundraising 

AladiEx, a blockchain-based financial supply platform is helping such small businesses by giving them the opportunity to connect with global investors and raise funds to support their businesses.. Moreover, it is also allowing investors across the world to invest in promising SMEs in a tokenized manner. It is also launching a trading exchange where investors can manage and track their assets using advanced trading tools. At a time when bonds, stocks, currencies, and all types of other assets are expected to be tokenized, AladiEx’s financial supply platform powered by the ALADIN token is indeed a promising opportunity for investors as well as fund-raisers. 

AladiEx will launch its exchange platform with OTC trading facilities on the 15th of June, 2020.  – Announcement, AladiEx

Know more about how AladiEx is executing token-based fundraising and its superexchange trading platform on

AladiEx Trading Platform

Just like any other exchange, the AladiEx trading platform offers all the basic trading facilities. However, apart from the basic ones, it is also equipped with a number of trading tools that allow investors to manage their assets efficiently, while also providing SMEs with the capital they need. The platform’s native token ALADIN will facilitate all trading activities on AladiEx. Token holders will enjoy exclusive benefits while using various features of the ecosystem. 

The unique differentiator between AladiEx and other trading platforms is the fact that it is much more than a traditional crypto exchange. It is a social community where users can interact, learn, and copy commands from the experts in the industry. The upcoming launch of the exchange with the OTC feature will significantly add to AladiEx’s already high-value proposition. 

Over the Counter (OTC) trading on AladiEx will enable the independent setting of prices of assets and securities, and users will be able to trade without any intervention from the exchange. AladiEx’s move to introduce OTC trading clearly shows its inclination towards offering financial freedom. 

The AlaidiEx exchange is also equipped with automated features like anti-money laundering (AML) checks, investor verification (KYC), and investor accreditation verification, to ensure absolute safety, transparency, and security for all stakeholders involved in the platform. Apart from advanced and independent trading tools, the exchange also offers 24/7 customer support and around the clock trading facility. 

The AladiEx exchange along with its OTC trading facility will be made live on the 15th of June. For more details and updates, you can follow the official AladiEx Telegram Group at or follow their Medium handle at 

Contact Details: [email protected] 

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