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Bleach Episode Guide: A Bleach Filler List

Bleach Filler List

Bleach Filler List – It’s not hidden from any fan that the genre of shounen is the most popular genre of manga/anime industry. Shounen anime are shows that made anime popular worldwide. The names Dragonball, Naruto and One Piece aren’t unknown to almost anyone unless one has been living under a rock. One such name is the name Bleach, a show that has numerous fans spread across worldwide. However, there are a lot of episodes that do not follow the happenings in the manga or are ‘anime only’ episodes. These episodes are referred to as filler episodes and many people prefer to skip these filler episodes in order to catch up to the story at a faster rate. However, there are also some people who enjoy filler episodes and arcs and watch them enthusiastically. Here in this article, we will discuss which episodes or arcs are fillers of this show and will thus present a guide for watching the show Bleach.

The show Bleach has a total of 366 aired episodes that are present on various anime streaming sites for us to watch. Out of these 366 episodes, the count of episodes that are canon or that follow the manga accurately is 284. We can say that around 78% of the total episodes are canon episodes and follow the manga accurately. The rest of the episodes more or less fall under the category of filler episodes and are kind of unnecessary for the story. We will discuss now that what episodes exactly are fillers in this show.

bleach filler seasons


  Bleach Filler List

  • Episodes 1-50 are mostly canon with episode 33 and 50 being the only two filler episodes in the first fifty episodes.
  • Episodes 51-63 are canon and follow the happenings in manga. Starting with episode 64 to episode 108 is a long filler arc which can be skipped if intended to.
  • Again episode 109 to episode 127 are canon episodes and are an essential part of the story. They shouldn’t be skipped.
  • 9 episodes after episode 127 are filler episodes.
  • Episode 138 to episode 167 are canon episodes with episodes 147,148 and 149 being the only filler episodes in this part.
  • Episode 168 to episode 189 again are filler episodes and can be skipped.
  • Moving on, episode 190 to episode 226 are canon episodes with 4 episodes being fillers, namely episodes 203,204,213 and episode 214.
  • Episodes 227-265 again are fillers and can be skipped without a problem. 
  • Episodes 266-300 are completely canon episodes with only 3 episodes being fillers in between. These 3 filler episodes are episode 287,298 and episode 299.
  • The first 10 episodes after episode 300 have 3 fillers between them. Episodes 303,304 and 305 can be skipped.
  • 40 episodes after episode 310 are straight filler episodes and are skippable. Episode 341 marks the end of these filler episodes.
  • Finally episodes 342-366 are canon episodes with episode 355 being the only filler episode here.

Thus above we have the complete episode guide to guide you throughout the awesome shounen anime series, Bleach. Skipping filler episodes does save a lot of time but watching them does no harm as well. It’s completely upto the watchers. Watching fillers helps us to know the characters better in our opinion and fillers aren’t always boring. Hence we hope this guide helped you so you can enjoy watching the show without being worried about anything.

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