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Bittrex Crypto Exchange Officially Lists Pando Coin (PANDO) 

Bittrex, one of the globe’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, listed the newly-launched Pando Coin (PANDO) on January 15th. PANDO works in conjunction with the Pando Browser ad blocking application, which accrued more than 100,000 downloads on the Google Play store in three months. 

The Pando Browser is a Web 3.0 tool that offers distinct features not found in traditional browsers. Pando Browser users can manage data in a secure environment and choose to allow or block advertisements based on specific browsing preferences. 

The concept of Web 3.0 centralizes on a return to the ‘original web,’ featuring permissionless posting, a lack of a controlling node, and the absence of a single point of failure. Cultivation of Web 3.0 intends to solve some of the major complaints seen in the ‘current’ Web 2.0 era, which include overly complex Internet UI and poor usability with ‘mashed’ services. 

According to the Pando Team, gaining access to U.S. markets listing on the Bittrex exchange, one of the world’s most popular platforms for those looking to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is a big move towards future growth. 

Pando’s Vision Of A ‘Transparent Internet’

Pando Coin and Pando Browser are just two elements of the ecosystem surrounding the umbrella company, Pando Entertainment. Other business models include Pan Music, Pando Pictures, Pando Games, Pantok Messenger. 

Pando Software CEO San-Hun Jung explains the aim to become a unicorn company by building and leveraging a strategy to maximize the brand and profit margins during the first half of 2021. 

According to him, Pando Software intends to build infrastructure to help it list in the U.S. NASDAQ stock market later.

“We will gradually expand the unlimited range based on the Pando browser and use the platforms of Pando Software’s subsidiaries to become a company that challenges the new normal,” Jung says. 

Right now, Pando’s vision for a transparent internet focuses on emphasizing the use of the Pando Browser on services in South Korea and abroad. Jung says employees are operating in accordance with pertinent legal requirements, and Pando Software intends to acquire a listed company in South Korea. 

Pando Entertainment: Business Models That Satisfy Customer Needs 

Pando Entertainment envisions the Pando Browser to be just one step towards the concept of an open and transparent internet. To do so, Pando believes various ventures and business models must work in synergy. 

Music remains Pando Entertainment’s chief focus, as the company believes in the connection between a person’s lifestyle, music – and how a business can capitalize on this understanding. Pando’s Pan Music, recently released in beta, provides untrusted sound sources to business owners to use. Untrusted sources do not result in copyright fees and can be used at a reasonable price. 

Right now, Pan Music offers more than 10,000 songs, ranging from EDM and New Age music, to jazz, lounge, folk, and lyricless offerings. Officially scheduled for a February 2021 release, Pan Music provides custom sound planning based on weather, atmosphere, and industry conditions. 

During the first half of 2021, Pando Software plans to integrate mobile Dutch pay order and payment service platform ‘Splitsy’ with Pan Music. The Splitsy platform helps quickly split up a large order of food so a group of friends or colleagues can each pay their fair amount in seconds. IOT integration allows for ordering without waiting in line.

Splitsy has been identified as a viable business concept related to commercialization by the Korea Institute of Electronics and Components, and has been selected as an incubation company by Coolidge Corner Investment. 

Integration between Pan Music and Splitsy is expected to allow Splitsy franchisees access to music services. Pando Software CEO San-Hun Jung plans to serve as the Splitsy co-president during the first half of 2021. 

Pando Entertainment’s ‘Panktok’ messenger represents the company’s foray into the vast world of gaming and social networking. Pantok’s multi-tiered messaging platform divides conversations into different channels and chat lists, and features real-time broadcast capabilities to facilitate the exchange of Pando Coin. 

Now the gaming arm of Pando Entertainment plans to prepare a free platform and then transition into a subscription-based model. 

Hopes Are Pando’s Projects Expand And Gain Influence 

The Pando team’s work across various project areas falls in line with a company vision to encourage a transparent, convenient, and accessible Internet that offers rewards based on user contributions. 

“We will gradually expand the unlimited range based on the Pando browser and use the platforms of Pando Software’s subsidiaries to become a company that challenges the new normal,” according to Jung. 

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