Bitget Will Give $50,000 To Its Hackathon Winners

The blockchain space has big news for industry enthusiasts as the Bitget crypto exchange has announced the launch of the Under 30 Virtual Hackathon. The initiative is part of the platform’s native Blockchain4Youth corporate social responsibility program. A prize pool of $50,000 has been allocated to the winning teams, with the aim of the event, which is scheduled to run from August 12 to September 18, being the discovery and empowerment of young developers in the blockchain and AI domains.

Developers Will Be Offered To Adress Three Challenges

The Under 30 Virtual Hackathon is being launched in collaboration with Foresight Ventures’ ForesightX incubator program and HackerEarth, which will be supplying all guidance and event management and technical expertise necessary for the hackathon to take place. Participants of the Under 30 Virtual Hackathon will partake in a series of three consecutive challenges revolving around use cases of blockchain and AI technologies.

Task 1 will see the participants build an advanced and secure AI infrastructure.

Task 2 includes the incorporation of AI for gaming purposes to enhance player experience and in-game content generation.

Task 3 will include the design and deployment of an AI-powered marketplace for secure data exchange and user onboarding.

“Bitget acknowledges the immense potential of young crypto users, who are growing up amidst decentralized technologies. Their pivotal role in driving digital asset adoption cannot be underestimated. With Blockchain4Youth, we are harnessing their curiosity, creativity, and innovation to develop groundbreaking solutions that will foster market growth and advancement,” as Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget, summarized the launch of the hackathon.

Event’s Conditions and Awards 

The $50,000 prize pool will be equally divided among five winning teams, each in their respective categories of Contribution to the Blockchain Community, Creativity, Viability, Design and User Experience, and #Blockchain4Her – a special category specifically set apart for the best female team involved in advancing blockchain.

The rules for participation in the event include registration of a team of three to five specialists under 30 until September 18. At least one member of the team must be enrolled in an accredited university. The teams registering before September 6 will get the chance to be featured at the Bitget EmpowerX Summit and showcase their developments before such industry-leading names as Dragonfly Capital, Sandbox, Shima Capital, and others.

Bitget’s Blockchain4Youth initiative is one of the most important undertakings of the exchange, promoting the adoption of blockchain technologies through the empowerment of young talent. The Under 30 Hackathon is part of a larger goal to advance the potential of Gen Z representatives and foster crypto and blockchain adoption among young specialists. Discovering potential leaders is also a major goal of the CSR initiative, which is why Bitget will be allocating in excess of $10 million to it over the coming few years.


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