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Bitfury partners to build Blockchain-based Medical Imaging Platform


Bitfury provider of security and infrastructure for Bitcoin blockchain is establishing a partnership with radiology blockchain marketplace Medical Diagnostic Web( MDW) to build a blockchain-based medical imaging ecosystem. Bitfury and MDW along with Longenesis will develop a platform for maintaining, securing and sharing imaging and diagnostics information such as X-rays and CT scans. Moreover, developers will build the platform on Exonum, Bitfury’s private blockchain. This in turn will take the security of sensitive medical information to the next level.

This in turn will enable validation of transactions via “anchoring” technology. Further, Longenesis will ensure that only authorized parties have access to data recorded on blockchain. Additionally, it will guarantee compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

From Bitfury CEO’s Desk

Bitfury  CEO Valery Vavilov expressed his thoughts on use of blockchain in the medical sector:


“DLT can strengthen patient data security. by providing a tamper-proof record of patient history.  while simultaneously providing an avenue for doctors to more easily share information.  blockchain offers digitization of trust. Moreover, This paired with the medical potential of AI algorithms, has the ability to revitalize medical systems all over the world.”

From Longenesis CEO’s Desk

Garri Zmudze, CEO of Longenesis said,

We at Longenesis welcome how the medical data management industry is adopting new approaches in data storage and analytics. It is  by leveraging both AI And Blockchain , will it allow users to extract more value from data sets

He further added,

“A complete life data storage ecosystem should be transparent, smart and equipped with advanced cryptography tools. Thus, this is the blend we are building.”

Recently, medical research and development Union, Pistoia Alliance expanded the scope of it’s blockchain project to inculcate data sharing, data integrity and data identity on it’s platform. Also, the platform is using blockchain to validate sources for data and transforming sharing between organizations.

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