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Bitcoin sports betting on Spanish league matches

During the 30th round of Primera’s regular season, two very strong Spanish teams, which are currently in the top five in the standings, will meet at the Spanish “Anoet”. You can bet on all matches of the largest European tournaments using the bitcoin sports betting with high odds and fast payouts.

The match between Real Sociedad and Real Madrid is the key for the first one, because the situation in the standings is as follows:

  1. Barcelona – 58 points.
  2. Real Madrid – 56 points.
  3. Seville – 47 points.
  4. Real Sociedad – 46 points.
  5. Getafe – 46 points.
  6. Atletico Madrid – 45 points.

Accordingly, due to such a small difference in points between teams from lines 3-6, every victory or draw can play a key role for clubs. For example, if Real Sociedad wins the match against the Meringues, and Sevilla draws or loses the next match, Sociedad will enter the top three, which is undoubtedly important both for the club’s players and the organization itself.

According to recent matches, the statistics of Madrid sagged considerably. This is not surprising, because the team still hasn’t developed a perfect tactics after Ronaldo left the club. Sociedad, in turn, shows excellent results in the last 10 matches (8 wins, 0 draws, 2 losses), which is why many fans are favouring it. You can choose a favourite for yourself and bet on it using bitcoin sports betting feature.

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The last meeting of the two teams ended with the score 3:4 not in favour of the Madrid team, which further enhances confidence in the strength of Real Sociedad in this confrontation. Together with betting on matches, you can try to bet in bitcoin lottery on and win even more during matches of your favourite teams!

In the recent match, which was held on February 6th, 2020, the Meringues tried to impose their pace and play attacking football, not giving opponents a chance to implement full-fledged attacks. But the players of Real Sociedad used this situation and played with excellent counterattacks. Thus, despite the fact that Madrid delivered as many as 10 shots on target, only 3 were successful, which once again proves that the era of attacking football is slowly decreasing. The opponents, in turn, realized 4 out of 5 shots on target, and won the match with minimal advantage.

Although football fans believe that outsiders have a chance to overplay Real Madrid, bookmakers still consider the latter to be the favourites. Therefore, it is not clear who will win, because both teams are now in great shape. And if you also doubt whether to bet on this match or not, you can increase your funds and bet in bitcoin lottery on 1xBit with high chances to win and receive big winnings.

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