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Industrial Revolution 4.0 (Industry 4.0), which is a high-level combination of physical and digital hyperlink systems with the focus on the internet, everything connected (IoT) and artificial intelligence. Industry 4.0 with digitalization system, aiming to liberate people from intellectual work.  The Fourth Industrial Revolution can create fierce competition but it is also an opportunity for financial and accounting institutions to continuously develop financial services, professional accounting, and the transparent and transparent part of information, improving service quality, meeting the increasing demands of the people.

Associated with the development of 4.0 is the development of digital currency. A currency with solvency across countries.  Btc has revolutionized the concept of peer to peer payment by eliminating the role of intermediary from transactional activities. Over the time, the process needed to do a simple transaction is becoming cumbersome and time taking for ordinary users.

Due to the huge load and too many transactions happening at a time, Btc has been showing many signs of weakness such as: Sluggishness or more than usual time for transactions (even up to ten minutes in most cases), Higher Transaction Fee, Highly dependency on Pool System and Large Organizational Miners.

Considering the huge potential the market has and to facilitate traders with a digital currency that is efficient, in its true sense, we have carried out an extensive research and based on the findings have come up with a solution named Bitcoin Red Diamond.

Bitcoin Red Diamond is a peer-to-peer digital currency and can be termed as a modified version of the technology on which btc was built. Bitcoin Red Diamond enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone anywhere in the world. It is an open source, global payment network that is fully decentralized without being dependent on any centralized authority such as bank or government.

Fueled by Computation and secured by Mathematics, Bitcoin Red Diamond network empowers individuals to control their own finances themselves. It resolves the problem associated with btc by featuring faster transaction confirmation times and improved storage efficiency.

Bitcoin Red Diamond is a project that is created by the combined efforts of hundreds of technicians, miners, investors from all across the world. Each individual member has been richly experienced in their respective field is a follower of Btc. Out of the love and passion for Btc, the team has always been trying to resolve the issues associated with btc but due out datedness of the original ledger and the very technology it was built on, they were not able to achieve their combined effort. This led us to creation of a new coin, a coin that has the same or even more potential than btc and is more advanced in terms of technology and efficiency. The creators of Bitcoin Red Diamond are completely anonymous and this will ensure that in the future the policies of the coin can’t be influenced by some centralized body or government.

Built on Bit Cache platform, Bitcoin Red Diamond will surely be more advanced than btc and would eventually become today’s leading digital currency. Bitcoin Red Diamond would continue the BTC’s mission by taking control of finance from Banks and governments and give it back to the original deserving i.e. ordinary people, but at faster speed and without relying on pools and minimal transactional costs.

Bitcoin Red Diamond took all of the weaker points of BTC as a challenge and have solved them with its enhanced proof of stake algorithm. Now you can make instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone anywhere in the world. Bitcoin Red Diamond provides you an open source, global payment network that is fully decentralized without being dependent on any centralized authority such as bank or government.

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