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Bitcoin News | Anthony Pomp Notes Bitcoin to Bottom at $3000

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In a recent interview with the CNBC, a diehard crypto fan and Ran NeuNer’s CNBC Africa-sponsored Crypto Trader, Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano noted that  Bitcoin had chances of bottoming at around $3000.

The most notably and recently, CNN international discussed the recent drop in the Bitcoin market drawing lines to Bitcoin’s historical decreases of over 80%. Showcasing the importance of such statistics, Pomp of Morgan Creek stated that the demand for cryptocurrencies is likely to take a dip further although it is in a deplorable condition even at present. Nevertheless, he added that the crypto market had been the best-performing asset group in the last ten years.

Pomp exclaimed that despite Bitcoin News portals reporting undergoing significant declines, it continues to be a good investment. He further added that it could not be more also from the truth that Bitcoin is the most secure transaction settlement covering in the world. Thus, BTC value will is here to survive.

Slightly disturbed by what Pomp had to say about Bitcoin, a panellist queried the diehard regarding what is it that sets cryptocurrencies apart from the tulip mania. To this, Pomp calmly responded by indicating the fact that organisations have been continuously entering the market, but by way of over-the-counter podiums, instead of spot exchanges that tend to be susceptible to drastic rate swings and low liquidity. The response from Pomp came while he tamed his anti-bank sentiment aside.

Why such Interviews are Bullish Signs?

Pomp closed off his interview on a very high note by saying that his company, namely Morgan Creek will always like to buy BTC at $3000 and will always remain into purchasing at present levels until and unless the sun burns out.

As has already been mentioned, while Anthony was not 100$ confident on the short-term prospects of Bitcoin, his interview on CNBC must be a trending topic.

You might ask “Why”? Here’s an explanation.

With outlets like Bloomberg, CNBC, Wall Street and Forbes scaling back their coverages on the crypto market, Pomp’s appearance on CNN and CNBC comes in an era of investor despair. The presentation actually helps in cementing the fact that such outlets still find interest and value in cryptocurrencies.

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