Bitcoin NewsBlockchain’s Newly Supported Coins: Is the Next Big Crypto Hit Among Them?

One of the best-known cryptocurrency exchanges,, added quite a few new tokens in 2020. While most eyes were on Bitcoin due to its halving, and analysts around the globe struggled to make predictions about the price performance, searched the market for new cryptos with high potential.

As mentioned, it found quite a few of them. Whether or not the platform will find more tokens worth supporting before the year ends still remains to be seen. For now, here are some of the most notable additions in 2020, with all of these coins emerging on at one point or another. Token Features in 2020

1) Sensorium (SENSO)

Earlier this year, in the second half of May, also added Sensorium’s token, SENSO, which is currently traded against BCH on the trading platform.

SENSO is a token created by Sensorium Corporation, which is a well-known developer of emerging technologies such as VR (Virtual Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). The company also develops entertainment content solutions. Apart from, the token also got accepted by other major platforms, including HitBTC and KuCoin.

SENSO’s largest use case right now is to serve as a currency in Sensorium Galaxy — the project’s platform that acts as the next generation of the social network. Users can use the coin to purchase avatars and countless additional attributes, which they can then use. They can play games, share content, and enjoy this rather futuristic combination of virtual reality and social networking.

As mentioned, Sensorium platform is AI-based, and as such, it actively learns from the users’ behavior in order to advance itself. The platform aims to be something new and special, that was never done before, and it plans to achieve it with mentioned technologies, as well as innovations such as neural interfaces.

2) Livenpay (LVN)

Livenpay is a project that aims to offer a solution for merchants who wish to start a loyalty program. So far, it was hard for customers to benefit from such programs, as they were often fragmented. This was difficult for merchants and consumers alike. Furthermore, merchants had to deal with transaction costs by banks and similar third-party providers.

Livenpay aims to change that by offering a solution for crypto-friendly merchants. Thanks to its solution, merchants will not have to risk losing out on profits because of high volatility. Meanwhile, they would offer a user-friendly app with which users can even pay for food — as it can be connected to a credit/debit card — or receive rewards.

3) Switch (ESH)

Earlier this year, John McAfee, a controversial creator of McAfee anti-virus, announced another the launch of his cryptocurrency, Ghost. However, the coin would not hold a traditional ICO, but rather, it was preparing for distribution by airdrop.

Meanwhile, announced that those who wish to participate in this airdrop can only become eligible by purchasing a token called Switch (ESH). The exchange added the token, which immediately saw a huge surge in demand. Both Ghost and ESH are centered around privacy, which is also one of McAfee’s biggest goals.

Unfortunately, the airdrop already took place in late May, so it is currently too late for anyone who may have hoped to join in on it. But, it is still possible to buy this token or ESH on

4) Matic (MATIC)

Even earlier last month, another cryptocurrency got supported on exchange — a token known as Matic (MATIC). Matic is a crypto/blockchain project that proposes a new solution for a scalability trilemma, which is well-known to those who used or tried to build dApps.

The problems include the impossibility of achieving three important factors — scalability, security, and decentralization. Achieving one, or even two of those can be done with relative ease. Achieving all three is next to impossible. At least, it was, until Matic Network stepped in with its layer 2 protocol that leverages side-chains to confirm transactions.

By reducing the load on the main-chain, Matic resolved a difficult problem with a relatively simple, but unique solution. It can now handle over 10,000 transactions per second, it can support multiple protocols, and more. With such potential, it is hardly surprising that wanted to add it to its platform.

5) Trustverse (TRV)

Lastly, there was another addition to in 2020, although this one happened months before all others. It took place in January, when the exchange added a coin known as Trustverse, a token that also received a pair against BCH, 

Trustverse is an ai-powered platform based on blockchain technology, which has a goal of creating a special invest-and-relax experience for crypto investors. The platform’s users can simply obtain all the data they need in a comprehensible manner, and make informed decisions based on the received information.

The project’s long-term goal is to create a sort of universe of trust, which was the inspiration for its name, Trustverse. So far, the project has its platform, which is already integrating various features. Interestingly, these features are named after planets, where Jupiter acts as the Digital Asset Analytics service, Mars is the wallet, and Pluto is a wealth management dApp.

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