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Bitcoin Bulls Return – the Bitcoin price today has jumped by 11K

Bitcoin price today


  • Bitcoin price has increased by 12.73% per day.
  • Bitcoin has now more intrinsic value compared to the past.
  • The financial institutes are holding the cyptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Price Today Surged by $1,268.19

The bitcoin bulls have returned in the town. Bitcoin price today has jumped by $1,268.19. It has reached to the 6 months high of $11,203.90, or an increment of 12.73% in a day. It is an indication of another revival of the renewed confidence and the investor interest in the field of technology. This can be a long-term prospect, which has come back after a year of declining value and scrutiny in major cryptocurrencies rates.

Alyse Killeen is a cryptocurrency investor, as well as an advisor to another investment firm named Mantis VC. The Chainsmokers launched this investment firm. For some cryptocurrency investors, the jump in the bitcoin price indicates the stability of the infrastructure.

What Did Killeen Write in the Message?

About the bitcoin price today, Killeen wrote that the bitcoin had more deep-seated value compared to a year earlier. Killeen wrote from the perspective of infrastructure. It added that the Lightning network was working. Also, one could do more with the bitcoin in recent days.

This Lightning network is like a two-layer technology for the bitcoin. It scales the ability of the blockchain to run transactions successfully.

In addition to this, the financial institutions are holding the cryptocurrencies as well. It is providing investors with confidence in the fungibility and security of their assets.

Willy Woo is one of the blockchain experts. Like the Willy Woo, some blockchain experts are working at the Lvl to start the Bitcoin banking service. It is also called a perfect timing for the bull run.

Killeen also wrote that the larger institutions were also offering to purchase proper facilitation as well as custody. That was quite bullish for the Bitcoin.

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