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Bit Paradise – The Most Efficient Crypto Exchange System

Bit Paradise is a modern and innovative adaption of cryptographic exchange stations. It is mainly based on the game Meta. Bit Paradise ISO system especially follows the value proposal and effects of the decentralized networks. This system uses blockchain technology for tokenomics, value transfer and the governance of this network. This gaming software also enhances the best security and experience altogether. This platform allows users to get every information about its network. It also provides all information about the gameplay and onsite transactions with transparency and trust.

Bit Paradise offers a smart alternative for the gambling market which returns 100% profit to the players of this network. It deals with minimal transaction fees, flexible and stable currency options. This profit distribution system always keeps the floating value of the gambling market to make the users active in the Bit Paradise network. So, it has a strong active network. Buyback utilizes the full revenue of all exchange transactions. The profit amount is distributed by Bet Coins to the BPD holder.

What is Bet Coin?

Bet Coin is a type of casino coin. The price and value of this gaming token are enough stable, which is 1 dollar for each coin. Bet Paradise also increases the value of the BPD coins for them who are the early investor of this network. So, this foundation has a plan to rebuy 40% of the issued coins and distribute the remaining coins to the customers as transaction refunds.

Difference between Bit Paradise ICO & online Casino ISO

‘Bit Paradise’ the term is well known and famous in the gambling market of the world. Bit Paradise deals with its active network where the casino has real players. Most of the casino uses a centralized platform; as a result, their commission is too high. Sometimes, a few online casino sites hide their various data such as gaming results, exact payout, winners and so on. But Bit Paradise uses crypto-currencies and decentralized Blockchain technology to provide the best trustworthy gaming service.

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain Technology is basically an open and distributed ledger storing the transactions between parties efficiently. This technology stores the data in a peer-to-peer mode eliminating the risks that come with the centralized data recording. Once stored, data in any particular block cannot be modified or changed without alteration of all the blocks. Changing all the blocks needs consensus from the majority of the network.

For these stunning features, Blockchain Technology revolutionizes the online gambling or casino industry. It brings back the transparency and trust among the players or users as there is no chance to hide any information. Gambling world uses this technology for recording every online transaction. So, the users can easily track the whole situations of this particular platform. Mostly all blockchain based gambling platforms are completely free from the third party and their influences. Here transactions will run directly without any interference of a middleman. Blockchain Technology opens up an efficient new sector in the online gambling market. It has its own implications of taxation and regulations.

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