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Binance Futures – Pros and cons

The derivative exchange has achieved tremendous success after its launch. It has surpassed many of the other futures exchanges such as BitMex, OKex, Huobi, etc. Though it is one of the most favored exchanges to trade on it still has many things to improve on. Today you will get to know about how to get your self registered and pros and cons for Binance Futures.

Earn Bonuses on Binance Futures?

You can take part in Binance Futures Referral Program to earn Bonuses at Binance Futures. Every referral will give you up to 30% referral bonuses. Extra 10% bonus if you are able to become Binance Futures Affiliate.

How to Register on Binance Futures?

  •  You need have Binance spot account, if you don’t have one then know more here
  • You can register an account directly at Binance Futures also.
  • Enter referral id to save 10% on Trading Fees.

Note: BNB pays fees will get you an additional 10% discount.


  • The name says it all. It is a part of Binance which is already established itself as one of the reputed exchange in the crypto industry
  • The exchange provides users with high liquidity.
  • 125x leverage provided is one of the highest in the crypto market.
  • SAFU Fund – It is a Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) which is an emergency insurance fund for their users. Binance has decided to allocate 10% of the trading fees received into SAFU to protect user funds under extreme conditions.
  • Binance Futures provides you with a Test mode before registering yourself so that the users can get a feel of the user interface and decide for themselves.
  • The video tutorials that their site provides are of immense help to anyone who has just entered the futures market.


  • Binance futures allows trade only through USDT. It heavily relies on this controversial stablecoin.
  • Customer support functions only through emails and response time is not so great.
  • Binance has witnessed a security breach in the past and has to work on its user privacy-preserving measures. 

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