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BIB Token IDO: The New Coin Will Promise 100x More Profit

Despite the recent downturn in the cryptocurrency market cap, the industry is still experiencing massive growth. New companies are coming up with innovations in NFT DAOs and creating more efficient ways to swap coins. More than 180 million people use cryptocurrency today, which is great considering that the industry is just a little more than a decade old.

Many often experience difficulty starting their journey into the exciting world of cryptocurrency because most platforms are too technical for people just joining the world. Starting your journey with a platform that is easy to use will make you move from being a crypto enthusiast to an expert in a little time. BIB exchange is a platform that makes you join the crypto world without any stress.

One of the greatest advantages of using BIB Exchange is that they offer a great user experience, meaning users can navigate the website easily. For example, a user does not need to understand all the terms associated with trading before they can start trading on BIB Exchange. The company understands that despite providing a very easy-to-use interface, some users might still experience some, which is why the exchange offers powerful support to users on Telegram.

Due to the constant attacks on various blockchain protocols, the exchange has invested in a powerful security team with many years of experience to secure users’ funds from being stolen by hackers. The team hired one of the most reputable blockchain auditing firms to audit the smart contracts, and they found no issues in the codes.

BIB Token Could Soon Be Worth 100X

BIB token, a native token of BIB exchange, which is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. it is much more than just a standard token. Users can use BIB tokens for trading fees deduction or hold for profit; apart from that, users can also borrow and lend the BIB token and stake their tokens for profits. Another advantage of the BIB token is its applications in BIB Meta, a web3-based Metaverse ecosystem that offers a wide range of collectibles, such as FIFA world cup NFTs. BIB Meta allows users to own various NFT nodes from ordinary nodes to super nodes to mint rare NFTs by using BIB tokens.

According to the data prediction from financial specialists, BIB token is expected to soar high by 109% upon launching its IDO which will happen on PinkSale on Sep 29 to Oct 1, 2022. This will present BIB token to the public for the first time and more than 40 million units will be sold for as little as $0.0002 USDT per token.

Crypto enthusiasts who are looking for high-yielding investments, should not not miss the chance to participate in the upcoming IDO. BIB’s IDO presale has no minimum or maximum participation amount, and everyone has a chance to purchase at a discounted price.

One of the advantages of participating in BIB Exchange IDO is that users will benefit massively from BIB exchange and BIB meta. Users can also sell their BIB tokens to others at a huge profit. And there is no restriction on the number of tokens each user can buy or sell.

Another advantage, people can buy BIB tokens to avoid a certain percentage of their transaction fee on BIB exchange. If you are a smart investor — buying BIB tokens and just holding it would also appreciate your assets as the volume of trading grows on the platform. Since BIB exchange has already proven with its marketing strategies and growth vector from its inception, this would work out well.

How to Participate in the IDO

Visit the, choose the BSC chain, and participate. In the presale, connect your wallet. Type the amount you want to participate in, click the buy button, and approve your transaction on your Metamask.

After confirming the transaction, you can see your purchase on the BIB token page. It should take no more than 5 mins to complete the entire process and get your BIB tokens into your wallet.

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