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Bethesda Celebrates the Spirit of Holiday Season by Giving Away Fallout 76

Bethesda is adding to the holiday spirit by giving away Fallout 76 and Wolfenstein II. The console and the controller are both modeled after the Tricentennial version of the very new game. The image of the console was released on Twitter by the creator of the game to grab user’s attention.  This revelation gave a glimpse of custom Nintendo Switch which happened to be featured in Wolfenstein II.

All that is required to be done by people to have an entry to the sweepstakes is just following the mere instructions which are enlisted in each of the tweets, but this has been given a very short time limit. The promotion of  Bethesda closes on 24th of December and has been continuing for the duration of 12 days, and this has been made clear to all the audience that those who are willing to win have to enter before the time that is within 12 days.

Rage 2 Gears

The consoles are not only prizes which are offered to the people during the Bethesda events but on the other hand they are also revealed to be the highest-ticketed items. Some of the collectible items like those of the games were shown with the Rage 2 gears were also observed to be present amongst the prize.

Fallout 76 was the first ever online game, and the players were quite attracted to the game, but due to the intensity of the story, the players are now in a doubt whether the game is enjoyable or not. The most common question popping up on their mind was whether people would be able to explore the world of the game at their own pace without being worried of getting killed by the other players. But this was confirmed that one could have the power to customize the game and
the players will be able to set up the scenario accordingly.

Now Bethesda is giving away these awesome 'Wolfenstein' Consoles! This is also great news for all the players who wanted to play the game on their own or wanted to play with friends on their own without being attacked by other players. According to the recent buzz in the market, mod system has been added to the game with the help of which one can even avoid the players and it also allows players to play on their own. After giving away on this, Bethesda is gifting the players with the new fallout classic collection on PC. The offer will be expiring at the end of this month and the free codes are also expected to be distributed amongst the players by the approach of the early January.

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