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BestMixer Launches the Bitcoin Blender with Anonymity and Increased Security Support Launches the Bitcoin Blender with Anonymity and Increased Security Support

The team behind is happy to announce the release of this bitcoin blender. Starting with today, customers are able to get immediate access to one of the best bitcoin blending 2018 services. The service is particularly created to make the crypto transactions faster, more secure and extremely reliable. There’s always a very hard time for users to find proper support for bitcoin blending. With, you get to have immediate access to the very best bitcoin mixer on the market.

Outstanding security levels brings in front SEGWIT support for all currencies and it also has Bench32 support as well. In addition, it has support for multiple languages to increase security and also improve the customer experience. The fact that you have complete anonymity is very important too. This makes it a lot easier for you to use the bitcoin blender and access all of its features whenever you need them the most. In addition, is boosting the system reserves while also increasing the functionality. All of that combined brings in front stellar anonymity and tremendous features that you can rely upon at all times! The TOR-support is very good too, so you can easily use the bitcoin mixer in TOR if you want. As a result, you can further increase the overall anonymity without that much of a hassle.

In addition, you get to know exactly what the bitcoin blender is going to do even if you place the order. Their unique calculator allows you to figure out how the process will work beforehand, so you can make the adjustments beforehand. There’s also a mixing strength meter function, a unique option that allows you to identify whether you are proceeding properly with the mixing process or not.

Complete support for the top currencies brings support for some of the most widely used cryptocurrencies on the market. If you want to use with Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Bitcoin SV, you will have no problem doing that. The entire process is very simple and comprehensive, and it’s designed to bring you all the benefits and features you want in a single, complete package that you can rely upon.

Low commissions

Another good thing about this top bitcoin blender is that the commissions are minimal. The standard commission is 0.5% on the Alpha pool, but the costs are even lower if you add the special cumulative code. That can lower the price and get it down to 0.25%!

Everyone looking for a new bitcoin mixer that’s fast and secure should start using today. The website and its service are available right now, and you also get increased security, the dedicated Mixing Strength Meter as well as a multitude of bonuses if you mix today. To make their service easier to use, BestMixer has released a video tutorial that guides users how to blend bitcoins. You can start using this distinct anonymous bitcoin blender right away!

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