Be Heard Across More Than 220 Crypto Media Outlets Across 15 Languages with FINPR Agency

Language shouldn’t be a barrier and the team at FINPR firmly believes in it. In its efforts to make crypto platforms go mainstream, the Dubai PR agency has recently announced a massive increase in its capabilities.

FINPR Agency now offers publication and promotional services in over 220 crypto and mainstream media outlets.

Global Perspective with Localization

Kirill Bezverhi, CEO of FINPR, is a firm believer in the art of storytelling for the blockchain, metaverse, and Web3 world. According to him, the English language is a must for any crypto project. As the most widely spoken and understood language, English always has a special leverage to promote projects and platforms, regardless of where they originate.

However, he stresses that localization is a key factor that pushes projects to be successful. With a large crypto-friendly population living in LatAm, Europe, Central Asia and the Far East, promotions and publications in local languages are critical.

That is why FINPR covers 100+ English, 16 Turkish, 13 German, 14 Arabic, 13 Spanish, and many other media outlets. This provides clients with unprecedented coverage that is unique on the crypto PR market. 

Crypto and Mainstream Outlets

While 220+ outlets are crypto-specific, the total media coverage is more than double that. With FINPR, crypto, Web3, and other fintech projects can gain access to more than 450 outlets that are business, tech finance, and mainstream news platforms.

Other user adoption-driven services by FINPR Agency include crypto influencer-based marketing, SEO optimization for better search results, and banner ads for the oomph factor. These services are critical for blockchain startups as FINPR offers the best value for money for rapid growth tactics.


FINPR is a PR and marketing firm based in Dubai that works with blockchain, crypto, metaverse, Web3, and other fintech firms looking into tapping the disruptive global market. The agency has been providing its services to a diverse group of diverse clients since 2017.

Just like the decentralized market it caters to, its team is spread across the world. The 15-strong-person team works from all corners of the world, including Europe, the United States, and Asia.

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