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Baidu Releases Blockchain Whitepaper on its Super Chain

Super Chain

China’s search giant and web services company Baidu released a blockchain whitepaper on September 26th, describing the development of a Chinese ‘Super Chain’ network. The whitepaper put forward by Baidu Blockchain Lab talks about the idea of commercializing the Baidu cloud blockchain blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform in addition to six applications based on the Super Chain; Totem, Degree Universe, Baidu Association, Treasure Chest, Encyclopedia Online, and Hubert.

The 48-page report has four sections: blockchain development, the structure of Baidu’s work on the blockchain, commercial blockchain solutions, and the real-world applications of the technology.

According to Baidu, the Super Chain uses “multi-core parallel computing to maximize CPU utilization and increase throughput.” According to claims made by the company, Baidu’s Super Chain will be more efficient than traditional blockchains because of better hardware utilization. The Super Chain is a blockchain network comprising of a root chain which will have guidelines for the entire network and will support multiple parallel chains.

The Super Chain will work on a “pluggable consensus mechanism.” The Super Chain will allow different parallel chains within the Super Chain network to choose different consensus mechanisms. A particular consensus mechanism can also escalate via voting. Baidu plans to use the Super Chain network in food safety, product quality, manufacturing, retail, intellectual property and trading, travel, tourism, and social networking. The company has already begun experimenting with the application of its Super Chain content copyright, information security, digital advertising etc.

Baidu revealed the Super Chain network back in June with an aim to reduce increasing energy consumption due to cryptocurrency mining operations all over the country.  

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