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AT&T to Allow Customers for Mobile Bills Payment Using Bitcoin


AT&T to Allow Customers for Mobile Bills Payment Using Bitcoin

AT&T will now allow its customers to pay mobile bills using BTC. With this move, the firm becomes one among few organizations allowing such a method of payment. Reportedly, there are some major businesses and agencies allowing cryptocurrencies as one of the payment methods.

However, the firm does not accept the payment directly; AT&T does it through the third party providing the service. With this move, AT&T becomes the first among major mobile carrier in the US for such a payment method.

Precisely, customers who want to make such payment will have to use the myAT&T app or online payment service. With their payment methods, customers can select BitPay. As per matter of fact, BitPay is a crypto payment processor. So, when customers pay using Bitcoin, BitPay then verifies funds. After that, it accepts BTC for the business. This is how the process takes place when doing the payment.

Kevin McDorman of AT&T is happy to offer customers with a preferable payment method

Supporting the move, AT&T’s vice president of Communications Finance Business Operation, Kevin McDorman, comes forward to talk. McDorman states that they are looking for different ways to improve their services and expand it. Further, he states that they have many users of cryptocurrencies.  And they are happy to offer them a payment method that they prefer for paying their bills.

By the looks of it, businesses like AT&T get an option to adopt Bitcoin through BitPay. Also, this method gives them the option to choose from Bitcoin or fiat currency. They can even combine fiat with Bitcoin while accepting payments. A spokesperson from BitPay came forward to announce such payment methods. If a business uses BitPay and chooses taking fiat currency for 100 per cent, dollars deposit into its bank account. It usually happens on the very next day of business after the payment. However, the whole process takes one per cent fee as BitPay charge.

Further, the spokesperson of BitPay says via email that the business using this method of payment is secure. And also, it is safe from price volatility occurring in Bitcoin. – one among the first to accept payment in cryptos

As per matter of fact, one among first in the list to accept payment in cryptos was Interestingly, Medici Ventures is a venture capital wing of The company made some important investment into cryptocurrencies.

Surprisingly, Ohio State announced to allow tax payment to its citizens in Bitcoin. To do so, taxpayers will go through the website They can choose the method of payment there, and it converts into USD. Previously, Seminole County of Florida came out to be the first ever government agency accepting crypto payments.

On the other hand, Martha Bennett, who is Forrester Research’s principal analyst, reveals some important things. According to her, there are some similar kinds of offerings going around.  Bennett points out that Amazon starts receiving payments in cryptocurrencies through, ‘Moon’. For the record, ‘Moon’ is a payment processor which people can use for doing purchase in Amazon. For that, Bennett says people pay in cryptos, and Amazon, on the other side, gets USD. Similarly, Moon announced that it would be available for other e-commerce sites like eBay, Target, Ali Express, etc.

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