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ATROMG8: The Unique Multi Blockchain Landscape Powered By The Innovative MixNet 5.0. Super Structure

ATROMG8 (ATROM GATE) is an application on the basis of a highly developed software that was conceived from various Open Source projects of the last decades and own innovations and is to be understood as a decentralized transaction platform.

ATROMG8 is a newly formed ecosystem that entails a multi-blockchain podium. It can be used just like a high-security messenger and file transfer with metadata protection or insurance or flight tickets for your next trip. It can also facilitate payments involving multiple currencies. The presence of the highly innovative MixNet Superstructure Technology makes it much safer and secure for the users and companies who build their day-to-day business on this structure.

ATROMG8 is an integration of multiple technologies that helped the company to form an efficient and safe ecosystem. This system is highly dignified, helping clients and individuals on a broader spectrum. The platform also offers the ATROM utility token, which can help in the process of sending and receiving data, cost of services, and compensation for the various efforts made on the Network by node operators and community. It allows its participants to take the opportunity to operate the ATROM Network software from any electronic gadget that includes a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. To access the token and voucher of ATROMG8, you need to install the core application known as ATROMG8 (Atrom Gate). 

The company emphasizes its focus on security, speed, and data protection. The protection of privacy during communication and transactions has guided and influenced the decisions of recent years. The system has been developed on the basis of a  5.0. Super Structure concept that has an intelligent reward system for node operators and participants to compensate for their efforts.

The Project – ATROMG8 is an unconventional approach to meet the contemporary requirement of a digital platform for a real-time ecosystem that is safe for all the users involved in the conversations as well as other transactions. The way this platform exchanges value through coins or tokens is unmatched. ATROMG8 is the connecting channel that facilitates effective communication among various individuals without jeopardizing their privacy and metadata. It gives access to participants and lets them know who gets an insight into their data or how it should be used safely in the modern-day and tech-friendly environment.

The project team is always engaged in an exchange with international organizations like the OXFORD BLOCKCHAIN SOCIETY, CRYPTO VALLEY ASSOCIATION, Italia4Blockchain, and many more to keep up with the evolving market and community. 

ATROMG8 new partnership with ACCUBITS Technologies, which is the multiple Award-winning corporations with 12 offices all over the world, which will support the growth of ATROMG8 as the Enterprise Accelerator for the 5.0. Super Structures they are building next to many other recognized crypto or blockchain agencies. 

On 31st January 2020, Accubits Technologies made its mission announcement to launch the world’s first enterprise blockchain satellite at The Space Technology Conclave organized by the government of Kerala. The mission aims to send a low earth orbit satellite, weighing 12 Kgs to the space for establishing an enterprise blockchain ledger that can enable a secure transactional network for next-generation financial & IoT systems. The mission, titled as Chainsat, is scheduled to send a satellite to its orbit by Q1 2021. Communication with the satellite will be established with UHF Telemetry with 115 kbps data and S-Band payload Transmitter with up to 5 Mbps data and an experimental X-band transmitter with up to 150 Mbps data. The satellite will have an onboard data storage of 4 TB in space hardened memory modules. ATROMG8`s 5.0. MixNet Super Structure and Enterprise Accelerator program will participate in this project and partner with its blockchain. 

Renowned personalities from all over the world are involved in the ATROMG8 project, including Herbert Sterchi, the former COO of Thomson Reuters, a key figure in the history of crypto and blockchain within Europe and also known to be a pioneer when it comes to the development of Ethereum in Switzerland. He is currently a Board Member of Consensys and also holds a position of President on the board at ATROMG8. The list also has some famous names like:

  • Jorge Sebastiao CTO Ecosystem of an Asian Technology Giant and Cybersecurity Expert who is advising the group in cybersecurity
  • Andrei Pereira the Digital Marketing superstar of Latin America
  • William Nonnis, a Full Stack developer from the Ministry of Defense in Italy which took over the lead of the scientific department at ATROMG8

All these professionals make every step an opportunity to include more digital innovations into ATROMG8’s blockchain and digital system. There are many more other individuals who are supporting this project and can be easily found on the Website.

ATROMG8 makes an efficient attempt to match up with the Swiss political system and its business environment. The friendly environment in Switzerland and the supportive governmental bodies make it easy for ATROMG8 to implement generous regulatory developments. 

ATROMG8 dedicates 10% of its transaction fees to environmental and humanitarian conservation projects. For any further information, reach out to ATROMG8, Valley, Switzerland.

ATROMG8 works together with its power-packed team to create a safe multi blockchain-based ecosystem suitable for forming national and international communities. Recently, ATROMG8 made an announcement to list their token ATROM on Bibox Exchange on March 10th, 2020.

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