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Asia Blockchain Week in Singapore to feature Blockshow, UCIM, and more

Asia Blockchain Week in Singapore to feature Blockshow, UCIM, and more

The blockchain technology has redefined the way the world looks at technologies in general. With a decentralised core, blockchain has evolved rapidly and drastically. From being the foundation for cryptocurrency trading to being the radical innovator of solutions that can alter the way the modern industries work, the blockchain technology has indeed come a long way and still has tremendous potential for maturity, growth and expansion.

The Asia Blockchain Week is one of the largest blockchain events of South-East Asia. It’s a conglomeration of various events for crypto enthusiasts from around the world with the purpose of deliberating upon futuristic technologies like blockchain, AI, ML and AR and their constructive impact on the society through meaningful and innovative technological solutions.

With a line-up of events that includes panel discussions, unique networking, and investment opportunities to name a few, the Asia Blockchain Week promises to be a treasure chest for blockchain enthusiasts and fans. Exciting rewards and after-parties offer the right atmosphere to forge long-term and effective partnerships. Discussions on harnessing the potential of decentralised ecosystems towards world benefit form one of the key goals of the blockchain week. As a result of this, a plethora of participants that include crypto industry leaders, investors, startups, and media will all be there to accomplishing the common vision of showcasing and tapping the unlimited potential of these technologies.

The Asia Blockchain week is being kickstarted by the United Conference of Internet Money (UCIM). UCIM to be held on 26th and 27th November 2018 is an event aimed at bringing together startups, crypto experts, investors, media, and enthusiasts from around the world, towards discussing and validating the power of decentralisation. With the participation of distinguished speakers of the blockchain industry, the participants and the world would get definite insights into the wonders of the blockchain industry, the magnitude of possibilities, the challenges faced, and their effective solutions.

UCIM would also be hosting a series of unique events such as ‘Pitch-a-Thon’, Investors Roundtable’, ‘Partners Connect’, ‘Trading Challenge’, ‘Yacht Party’ and many more towards bolstering long-term partnerships for effective and practical implementation of the technology across varied industries. UCIM is set to be the platform that would launch a neo-revolution.

On similar lines, Blockshow Asia 2018 is the next to organise a conference on 28th November and 29th November 2018. The conference would be attended by participants from 50+ countries and include 2000+ attendees, with 76% of them belonging to senior management roles. With 100+ speakers to grace the occasion, the Blockshow conference would provide every intrinsic details of the blockchain technology along with the challenges and solutions to overcome them.

The Future of Token Economy is another conference that’s part of the Asia Blockchain week. Jointly organised by The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and the Singapore University of Law (SAL), the one day conference is to be held on 30th November 2018. Smart Contract & Regulation, Regulations on the convergence of Technology, ICO listing & Regulation are some of the pressing topics to be discussed in the conference that’s being attended by regulators, developers, as well as law practitioners.

The Asia Blockchain Week in Singapore is an amalgamation of ideas, innovations, discussions, and solutions that cater to the world’s curiosity and offer a unique opportunity for everyone concerned to have a deep insight into the limitless possibilities of the blockchain technology.

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