Armors Labs-Audited Era7 to Crowdfund On February 18, 2022 and List on PancakeSwap DEX

The blockchain gaming future is bright, reading from impressive statistics from the Blockchain Alliance Group (BAG).

In a summary of events from the first nine months of 2021, BAG notes, the NFTs gaming sphere saw a 24X in user growth. Expanding from roughly 26k to over 750k by Q3 2021, this exponential growth was due to the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency gaming, DeFi, and the NFTs. Games which integrated play-to-earn models in their operations rewarded active users with cryptocurrencies and NFTs, often in the form of rare—and therefore precious digital assets.

IFO and PancakeSwap Listing

The bright stars of crypto gaming will only get brighter in 2022 as more developers plan to deploy on various blockchains. Following a successful seed round in late 2021, the developers of Era7 are set to launch their Initial Farm Offering (IFO) on February 18, 2022, ahead of the scheduled activation of the game in Q1 2022, before listing on PancakeSwap, the largest DEX in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

Veteran blockchain investment players featuring Huobi and OKCoin—two of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges–participated in the first round. Additionally, revered crypto-centric venture capitals like HashKey, Tembesu, Dreamseeker, and Mobox all took part. 

Expectations are high ahead of the IFO. The creators of Era7 will be offering its native token, ERA, in exchange for supported coins like BNB—a top-10 and highly liquid cryptocurrency. Following the notable success of the first funding round, the IFO will also likely draw huge interest from retail and institutional investors. 

ERA Tokenomics

There are 1 billion ERA tokens where 16 percent—of 160 million ERA were allocated to the seed and private sale rounds. Participants of the IFO will receive 20 million ERA, translating to two percent of the total supply. A big chunk of ERA, 520 million or 52 percent, has been allocated to Play-to-Earn. Here, 20 percent will go towards ecological game incentives, while 32 percent will be assigned to users participating in Era7’s future competitions and tournaments.

The BEP-20 ERA token is at the heart of Era7’s operations. It is the token a player is rewarded with when they complete quests, compete with other players or participate in liquidity mining. It is also used as a stake or registration fee for PVP players. At the same time, ERA can be used to acquire NFTs or NFT mystery boxes in the platform’s marketplace. The utility asset can also be sold for other cryptocurrencies via a supporting exchange or swapped for GOT, master cards, or battle cards. 

The GOT token fuels the Era7 gameplay. According to the game’s creator, GOT can be earned from in-game activities. Acting as a utility, GOT can be used to summon more playtime, battle cards, combine cards into new powerful ones, or level-up existing cards. The more a player uses GOT and holds powerful NFTs, the more they receive ERA tokens.

Era7’s Code Audited by Armors Labs

The Era7 code has been audited by Armors Labs, a reputable blockchain security firm. This vital step was to ensure the trading card game functions as intended. It is critical because ERA’s deflation model relies on the full functionality of the platform’s smart contract. The ERA token is expected to be scarcer over time, like BTC. Four percent of every ERA sold in the secondary market will be sent to the treasury, while one percent will be burned. 

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