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Argentina Forms a National Blockchain Committee to Carry Out a State Level Strategy

Argentina Forms a National Blockchain Committee to Carry Out a State Level Strategy

Argentina’s government has formed a national blockchain group to develop guidelines for a state-level blockchain adoption plan. Argentina emphasizes in a paper the relevance of this technology for the future. Moreover, it proposes numerous use cases that might benefit from implementing blockchain for the country’s digital transformation.

Argentina Establishes a National Blockchain Committee

More and more governments are investigating how blockchain technology may enhance some of their public duties. Argentina just published its national blockchain standards.

The paper, issued on December 7, also establishes a national blockchain committee, which will “serve as an interlocutor in the local blockchain ecosystem, supporting the interoperability of blockchain technology and good governance.”

The Public Innovation Secretariat and other state agencies will form the group to create blockchain-based public policy and technological solutions. However, the additional groups that have been asked to join the committee are not included in the framework.

Subjects of Interest

The government framework outlines many applications for blockchain technology in supporting state-exclusive operations. Given the scale and extent of various governmental systems, auditing is the first area where it is expected to be useful.

Blockchain is described as a component that will serve two purposes:

  • assisting individuals in understanding how the state invests public cash and
  • centralizing all public activities into a single framework.

The second element concerns citizen identity. Moreover, the Argentine government believes blockchain technology might help identify operations by preventing forgeries of IDs and other government papers. Creating a system based on blockchain would provide third parties with easy means to certify the integrity of these papers.

There are already efforts that use blockchain for this purpose. Further, Buenos Aires is now developing a Tangoid system, which is expected to be operational in January as part of a digitalization drive. The city will also host Ethereum nodes as an experiment to better understand the cryptocurrency’s inner workings for regulatory reasons.


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