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Arctic Bearz are Spotlighting Climate Change through NFTs

Soon to launch, should you mint Arctic Bearz and join in early on Immutable X’s next big project?

The new NFT on IMX focuses on helping save the polar bears, whose homes are diminishing and whose numbers are in decline. The icy new NFT is ready to take over Immutable X, with unprecedented support from the Millennial and younger investors. It turns out if you combine digital currency with the younger generations, you get the NFT helping endangered animals and your crypto wallet. There’s no catch. This is the NFT helping both you and Polar bears. What’s not to love?


An Unmissable NFT About Rewarding the Community and Helping Polar Bears Mints Soon!


The first 100 Arctic Bearz holders will receive an adoption pack for a polar bear of their very own. This might be a free bear out on the ice, or it might be one of the bears used in the breeding program the project hopes to establish, to preserve this noble species for future generations of humankind. With numbers in sharp decline and their habitats vanishing, it’s about time the crypto traders stepped up to apply the magic of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens to planetary betterment – and that’s just what this innovative project is doing.

The breeding system will eventually lead to an ecosystem. This should feed itself, allowing the bears to establish breeding patterns within their own community. This can only be done using scientific study and by imitating perfect conditions for the bears. To do this, we need funding, and what funding source is securer than an NFT.


What Makes Arctic Bearz NFT Unique?


What makes this new NFT unique is their way of mingling the world of environmental protest with the world of cryptocurrency. They have tangled it all together in a blend of digital property and payments. We are frequently asked “should you mint Arctic Bearz” and, with a future as outstandingly prosperous as theirs, we have to answer in the positive. The more generations progress, the bigger the anger at the environmental damage of the generations that came before. A key part of future prosperity in company format will involve catering to the environment before all else.

Billed as being Immutable X’s next big project for good reason, the team at Arctic Bearz have released plenty of digital properties to go along with their project. The artists involved have created over 3500 avatars to collect, to date. This number will grow as the project takes off. Arctic Bearz are ready to take on Immovable X and conquer the competition. Critics say that Arctic Bearz are clawing away the competition on IMX, and that the Arctic Bearz are ready to take over the IMX NFT scene.

In light of all the hype, we highly suggest that you hop over to their website to see what all the fuss is about… and help some polar bears, while you are there. You can also find the project on TwitterInstagram, and on early starters at Discord.

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