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ArcBlock Joins Amazon Web Services, Brings Blockchain 3.0

ArcBlock Joins Amazon Web Services, Brings Blockchain 3.0

According to a leading news outlet report, ArcBlock, the originator of the world’s very first blockchain 3.0 ecosystem announced that it has solidified its relationship with AWS (Amazon Web Services) via expanding its blockchain ecosystem and platform into APN (AWS Partner Network).

About ArcBlock

ArcBlock is changing the way blockchain-powered services and applications are deployed, developed and managed via reimagining how these kinds of services will be created in the future. ArcBlock was founded in 2017. It has developed a powerful yet easy-to-use development platform that uses the blockchain power with cloud computing for businesses and developers to utilize in obtaining their goals successfully.

ArcBlock has a team of talented developers, leaders, technologists and industry experts who are committed to drawing successful results by allowing businesses and teams to develop blockchain-related services for their requirements.

The New Partnership

This new collaboration will let ArcBlock become the leader in offering blockchain-based services including custom blockchain solutions. Also, the launch of ArcBlock’s development platform includes multiple firsts on the APN network and training.

The APN is an international program intended to bring successful AWS-powered solutions into the market. ArcBlock is definitely one among the early blockchain adopters to get qualified for the technology collaborator status.

Innovation and its Services

Through the collaboration, ArcBlock promises an innovative and unique OCAP (Open Chain Access Protocol) and OCAP playground. Additionally, the partnership is to pave way for combining blockchain technologies with available cloud infrastructure bringing cloud computing and a micro-powered architecture to use.

The OCAP-equipped services on AWS indicate a major innovation for creators by eliminating the current blockchain-enabled vendor lock-in system. It would, instead, give creators the freedom and power to test, manage, evaluate and deploy multiple blockchain protocols easily without altering their codes.

The OCAP services are comprised of blockchain data, ready-made infrastructure and there is no installation needed.

Starting today, AWS-enabled OCAP playground has been made available for creators by providing them with a ready-made application that utilizes a browser-based interactive support which is used to write the code once and then utilize it over multiple blockchain technologies together at the console window.

The OCAP playground interactive console is built on GraphQL and offers immediate access to cloud infrastructure, Bitcoin and Ethereum data; and it has existing playbooks that will aid developers to get started instantly.


AWS (Amazon Web Services) appreciates ArcBlock’s abilities to deploy, operate and build blockchain surroundings on the cloud, by looping APN in. ArcBlock had to undergo an extensive review process to get qualified. ArcBlock as a firm has invested in multiple cloud technologies and this collaboration is an instance of the significant investments that ArcBlock has made to improve the technical expertise. It also recently launched a Technical learning Series for organizations and developers.

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