APY of VRH Lock Increases with the Listing and Other Achievements

Versailles Heroes is a P2E game that skillfully and successfully integrates blockchain technology, gaming, and crypto-economics to produce a self-contained ecosystem for participants. There have been a lot of recent developments in the Versailles Heroes ecosystem. It is obvious to see that the roadmap has been followed keenly.

NFT Launch on Binance

On the 25th November, 2022, Versailles Heroes launched their prestigious NFT on one of the world’s most revered NFT Marketplace at the Binance, creating an unmatchable excitement with the sales of the 1000 pieces of the precious mystery boxes and also claiming the top 2 spot in just 3 days of its launch. This stands as one of the great achievements recorded by the team. The demand for the mystery boxes became so high that the team had to further push 500 more, which were meant to be sold on the website to Binance NFT Marketplace.

New Website Launch

Following the success achieved previously by Versailles Heroes, there was a need to revamp the website. There was a scream of enthusiasm from the audience when Versailles Heroes announced the introduction of the new website, which has been upgraded with additional features to give users the best MOBA enjoyment possible.


The Versailles Heroes IDO following a series of announcements held on the 18th December, 2022. Prior to this event, the team had made well-grounded plans concerning the IDO as well as listing for both VRH and MOH on one of the world’s top exchanges.

The IDO was very successful as the team were able to raise in just the first 2 rounds the sum of over 5.6 million USDT.

The team intends to use the funds raised for the VRH IDO for Versailles Heroes ecosystem building and game development, which will eventually bring in more exciting features for users. Sequel to the success of the first 2 rounds of the VRH IDO, the 3rd round was subsequently canceled as a means to maintain ecological balance.

Therefore, all the supplies intended for the third round were sent to the black hole address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000.

VRH & MOH Listing on MEXC

The interest in the VRH token became observably overwhelming after the successful listing of both VRH and MOH on MEXC Global, a highly secure and high-performance CEX, and it was able to surpass a threshold target by an astounding amount.

Versailles Heroes accomplished a remarkable achievement in that the trading volume also sharply climbed in just 24 hours, propelling VRH up the exchange platform’s ranking. This achievement was made possible by the fact that a sizable number of people participated in the IDO, which raised awareness of the VRH token, which serves as the governance token. The demand for the VRH token is increasing every day.

VRH DAO Governance

The creation of the VRH token and VRH DAO allows users to vote for proposals that will affect the future development of the game, as well as other aspects of game governance. Players can participate in voting and mining by joining a game guild in order to receive corresponding rewards. On top of that, the rewards can be further increased by burning game tokens in the form of GAS.

Users’ awards are not fixed; instead, they are determined by the ratio of their vote weight to the total vote weight. This is done to make sure that a user’s incentives are always maximized, regardless of when they first start to vote.

VRH Locking 

The decision making process of our community is driven by our DAO system with VRH as its governance token which can be obtained only by locking VRH. By locking up VRH tokens, our gamers stand a chance to be decision makers in our DAO system.

Our locking platform gives the opportunity for people to boost the value of their VRH with the choice to potentially earn over 450%+ VRH avg APY with VRH avg lock period of 3.88 years. This gives the privilege to users to put their VRH to work and join with over a hundred participants who have already locked their VRH.

The total locked VRH is 37,410,090.80.

What’s Coming up?

The release of the Versailles Heroes game will be announced soon. As things stand, we advise that you keep up with new developments in order to be informed. As you can see from the roadmap, the game’s launch is anticipated to take place in 2023.

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