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Apple vs Facebook Who dominates the App Dispute


Apple is declaring a void to the access of Facebook on Wednesday. It makes a move to the Developer Enterprise Program which is permitting the organization that Apple approves. Apple is bringing war against the social media giant, Facebook. Apple wants to wage war to counter the privacy practices of Facebook.

The Cupertino tech giant accuses the social-network giant of breaking their core rules. Apple also alleges that Facebook is secretly distributing the data-collected to the app consumers. The Cupertino tech company also made a significant attack to back up its claim. Apple has cut off the ability of Facebook for offering tools as well as the tests. Apple has also cut off the versions of consumer apps of Facebook which have not come into being yet.

The unprecedented move by Apple

This is a never seen or done before move against one of the major Silicon Valley peers. The move has been met with a revival of criticism which also includes the criticism from Congress. Facebook is receiving criticism as it was not able to protect the privacy of its long term users once again.

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The controversy currently centers over the secret effort by the social networking giant for paying its users. Facebook secretly was planning to pay off some users who are extremely young, i.e., 13 years of age. Facebook was going to pay around $20 each month to install one of the important research apps.

The app can easily collect intimate information regarding the online behavior and communications of the users. This move would provide Facebook an upper hand over its social networking competitors.

Making this feat come to life

Facebook took advantage of one of the programs of Apple. With the program, anyone can create apps for their employees, but there is a dark side to this. Facebook offers the employees an advantage where the employees do not seek the iPhone maker for approval and review.

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Apple’s intuitive developer program allows the developers for the purpose of testing and using the software outside of Apple’s App Store. These apps are not subjected to the similar data and privacy policies which are meant for public consumption.

Facebook again breaches an agreement

The Macintosh maker said that these practices generally amount to a breach in agreement. Apple came up with a response and said that Facebook engineers use them for testing beta versions of apps. And most importantly they are used for testing the brand new apps. Facebook tests other apps like Instagram too. This revelation came from media sources that reported the incident recently. .

Apple says that they built the Enterprise Developer Program for in house operation. The developer program internally distributes the app within their organization. Facebook is taking advantage of its membership for distributing the app that collects data from consumers. This is a breach of an agreement with the Cupertino Company.

Facebook also came up with a statement which says that they weren’t spying on the people who signed up to participate. The social media giant clarifies by saying that the people were clear about everything right from the start.

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