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“Anonymous” Group Releases a New System in Hopes to Eliminate Inequality

The infamous “Anonymous” collective has made a public announcement releasing their new auto-trading system. The revelation comes in addition to E-YUAN cryptocurrency reveal thus showing the increase in cryptocurrency popularity and the investor sentiment for potentially high returns.

The project is called “Anon System” and its users benefit from AI-optimized investment decisions and cryptocurrency price server’s vulnerabilities. Anonymous claims that the system was developed relying on the most advanced Machine Learning.

How does it work?

“The first step was to develop an AI algorithm that could select the best geographical location to host a server for receiving cryptocurrency prices before they are publicly available. Our AI analyzed millions of trades and by placing a server for Anon System where it suggested, we are able to access prices minutes before the public sees them” – says “Anonymous” group’s representative.

“Secondly, we exploited a back-door entrance to the cryptocurrency price dispatch servers. Whenever a trade is made at a certain price, it has to be distributed to the major exchanges. By using the ultra-speed internet connection and the server vulnerability, Anon System is able to predict the price changes before they happen.”

Anon System integrates with regulated financial brokers that allow cryptocurrency and asset trading. Then using the algorithm described above, it places trades in anticipation of price movements and closes the positions at a profit once the price change is visible publicly.

Anon System does with cryptocurrency exchanges what High-Frequency Trading does with the regular stock exchanges. By using powerful computing algorithms and ultra-speed internet, it is able to make a large number of transactions in fractions of a second generating its user a substantial profit with virtually no risk. All of this is performed at the click of a button in Anon System.

Who already uses it?

A recent survey of 7,680 online traders globally revealed that the automating trading functionality in a system released by the “Anonymous” group drastically outperformed the average returns achieved by investors.

There are many platforms online allowing investors to trade cryptocurrencies. However, the survey found that over 87% of profitable investors in 2020 using auto-trading functionality use Anon System.

Who can benefit?

Currently, the system is available for free for a limited number of users to prevent server overload and to ensure maximum returns.

For those who are lucky enough to register, the system connects with one of the fully licensed and regulated brokers available. A demo account is available which comes loaded with $1,000. Anon system automatically synchronizes with the regulated brokers once a small minimum deposit of $250 is made.

The deposit and withdrawal process is straightforward and can be performed using any major bank or credit card issuer. The regulated brokers occasionally have service agents available through calls allowing for ease of investment and identity confirmation thus have your mobile phone nearby.

Click here to start the journey to freedom with Anon System

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