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Animoca Brands and its Partnership Innovations Bring Gaming and NFTs to a New Level 

Animoca Brands, a leader in blockchain-based entertainment ranked as a High Growth Asian-Pacific Company by the Financial Times, just recently entered into partnership with Hedera Hashgraph, a public distributed ledger supported by major global brands such as IBM, Google, LG Electronics and others. One result of this cooperation will be the development of an NFT-based football game. Another outcome will be Helix Warp, an independent blockchain-based online gaming platform with ingrained anti-cheating features. This most recent news follows a spring of Animoca Brands partnership gaming and NFT innovations.

Animoca Brands and Hedera: Two cutting-edge gaming projects 

Animoca Brands recently acquired Helix Accelerator, inheriting an agreement to develop two decentralized projects. The first part of the Animoca Brands-Hedera partnership focuses on a plan to develop an NFT-based online football game. Animoca Brands will leverage the intellectual property rights of famous football clubs in its brand portfolio  for the football game. In order to trade NFTs on the new platform, it will be essential to be a possessor of HBAR – the native token of the Hedera public network.

The collaboration and Hedera’s strong blockchain focus will also deploy distributed ledger technology as the backbone of another project. Three powerful partners – Animoca Brands, Hedera and Helix – will produce Helix Warp, a new project based on the Hedera Consensus Service, a “trust layer” that backs up applications and permission networks. At its initial stage, the platform is said to target HTML5 games, underlining the ecosystem with the Helix Warp token, a product of Hedera Token Service technology.

More gaming innovations

Animoca Brands also recently listed its native REVV token – the asset underlying its blockchain motorsports games – on Singapore’s DigiFinex trading platform. The aim of the REVV token – which is now available on more than a dozen exchanges -is to  power Animoca Brands’ motorsport games, in which in-game assets are NFTs that are fully owned and controlled by the players.  REVV’s other listings also include Chiliz Exchange, Hotbit, SushiSwap, Bilaxy, Bittrex Global, and Uniswap.

The Sandbox, an Animoca Brands subsidiary, also recently announced an NFT partnership. The Sandbox will partner with Pixelynx, a project of Canadian electronic artists Richie Hawtin and Joel Zimmerman (known under the nickname of deadmau5). Both of these figures are recognized for stepping beyond the boundaries of convention and experimenting with virtual worlds, NFTs, and blockchain.  

As an artist-backed gaming venture, Pixelynx gives musicians the opportunity to explore digital collectables and virtual worlds through a “portal into the metaverse”. Pixelynx has already secured its spot in The Sandbox, where participants can build and play game experiences  utilizing the NFTs “ASSET” to create game elements, and “LAND” to build on.  The game is powered by the SAND token, its main currency.

Animoca Brands subsidiary Lympo also announced a new alliance creating NFTs. In strategic cooperation with, a Russian e-sports organization, the project aims to bring licensed images of professional players from the world-famous games Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The NFTs from the club players’ rosters will be created and traded on Lympo’s NFT minting platform with its own e-sports pool. This new initiative will open up unprecedented capabilities in terms of NFT exchange – allowing users to engage with authentic, scarce and highly-secured assets.

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